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Using the FA API, I can get the svg path for any Font Awesome icon which Rough.js can then receive to do its magic. As an intermediary step, I use a version of SvgPath that I modified to work with CodePen in order to transform the path in order to maintain good scaling. SvgPath is also used to find the bounds of the icon and center it into a canvas with a minimal amount of padding.


  1. Awesome !

  2. For demostratrion you should use the Free all.js source of fontAwesome, the pro version is blocked (logicaly)

    Free version: https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.8.1/js/all.js

  3. To my knowledge, the pro version is accessible to everyone on CodePen and makes for a far better demonstration. No one is stopping you from switching to Fontawesome Free. I simply find that many icons come across much clearer in a specific style, and I wanted to create the most pleasing demo I could.

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