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Landing page for my ebook for my latest ebook titled Learn React VR.


About the book:

"We are living in an age full of technological revolution. Developers are being united around a common goal to create innovative solutions that will impact the world through lines of code. Constantly, there are new skills, frameworks, and other technologies emerging to help push this goal that unites all developers.

Virtual reality is one of those emerging technologies that excites developers because of the possible innovations that can be created using it. However, it's just one of many new technologies that are rising to the surface amidst our technological revolution. There is much to learn and time is precious.

When it comes to developing VR applications, it is, for the most part, uncharted territory. There's still a lot of questions to ask, research to conduct, and lessons to learn. All of this is a considerable time investment. A time investment that people can't afford to spend.

To address this, I decided that I would become a crash test dummy to learn how to build VR websites and interactive 360 experiences using React VR.

My goal was to learn React VR and then summarize my findings so you can it without the hurdles, frustrations, and other wastes of time (since I have gone through those for you). The final product is am ebook of tremendous use to learn the fundamentals of React VR to launch you into your deep exploration."


  1. Yay false expectations :))

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