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Something new posted every day in the 24 days to Christmas!


  1. Hi Michelle - Love the calendar!

    I found the link for the 2nd didn't work for me (FF 42.0 on Win7), but changing it to:

    <a href="http://s.codepen.io/michellebarker/fullpage/wKVYvj?">

    did the trick (that url gives you a full-screen pen with no outer frame).


  2. @raad Thanks for your comment, I didn’t know it was possible to view without the outer frame :) I would like to keep the outer frame if possible, as it allows people to see the code. However, I think maybe having the full-screen view and including a link to the editor view might be a better solution, if it means it will work in more browsers. Thanks!

  3. Ah, I didn't explain that terribly well, sorry =)

    So, my idea was that the new URL will keep the outer frame intact, because it only replaces the current frame; and as codepen views are wrapped in a frame this means everything stays the same - only the pen itself changes.

    However, I just noticed that the debug view is not wrapped in a frame, so my ugly hack with s.codepen.io isn't necessary - just use /debug/

    If you look at my fork of your calendar pen (http://codepen.io/raad/pen/zrOddM) you'll see what I mean.

    Hope I haven't totally confused you!

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