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      | The voice consists of sound made by a human being using the vocal folds for talking, reading, singing, laughing, crying, screaming etc. The human voice is specifically a part of human sound production in which the vocal folds (vocal cords) are the primary sound source.

      option(value='UK English Female') UK English Female
      option(value='UK English Male') UK English Male
      option(value='US English Female') US English Female
      option(value='US English Male') US English Male
      option(value='Arabic Male') Arabic Male
      option(value='Arabic Female') Arabic Female
      option(value='Armenian Male') Armenian Male
      option(value='Australian Female') Australian Female
      option(value='Brazilian Portuguese Female') Brazilian Portuguese Female
      option(value='Chinese Female') Chinese Female
      option(value='Chinese (Hong Kong) Female') Chinese (Hong Kong) Female
      option(value='Chinese Taiwan Female') Chinese Taiwan Female
      option(value='Czech Female') Czech Female
      option(value='Danish Female') Danish Female
      option(value='Deutsch Female') Deutsch Female
      option(value='Dutch Female') Dutch Female
      option(value='Finnish Female') Finnish Female
      option(value='French Female') French Female
      option(value='Greek Female') Greek Female
      option(value='Hatian Creole Female') Hatian Creole Female
      option(value='Hindi Female') Hindi Female
      option(value='Hungarian Female') Hungarian Female
      option(value='Indonesian Female') Indonesian Female
      option(value='Italian Female') Italian Female
      option(value='Japanese Female') Japanese Female
      option(value='Korean Female') Korean Female
      option(value='Latin Female') Latin Female
      option(value='Norwegian Female') Norwegian Female
      option(value='Polish Female') Polish Female
      option(value='Portuguese Female') Portuguese Female
      option(value='Romanian Male') Romanian Male
      option(value='Russian Female') Russian Female
      option(value='Slovak Female') Slovak Female
      option(value='Spanish Female') Spanish Female
      option(value='Spanish Latin American Female') Spanish Latin American Female
      option(value='Swedish Female') Swedish Female
      option(value='Tamil Male') Tamil Male
      option(value='Thai Female') Thai Female
      option(value='Turkish Female') Turkish Female
      option(value='Afrikaans Male') Afrikaans Male
      option(value='Albanian Male') Albanian Male
      option(value='Bosnian Male') Bosnian Male
      option(value='Catalan Male') Catalan Male
      option(value='Croatian Male') Croatian Male
      option(value='Czech Male') Czech Male
      option(value='Danish Male') Danish Male
      option(value='Esperanto Male') Esperanto Male
      option(value='Finnish Male') Finnish Male
      option(value='Greek Male') Greek Male
      option(value='Hungarian Male') Hungarian Male
      option(value='Icelandic Male') Icelandic Male
      option(value='Latin Male') Latin Male
      option(value='Latvian Male') Latvian Male
      option(value='Macedonian Male') Macedonian Male
      option(value='Moldavian Male') Moldavian Male
      option(value='Montenegrin Male') Montenegrin Male
      option(value='Norwegian Male') Norwegian Male
      option(value='Serbian Male') Serbian Male
      option(value='Serbo-Croatian Male') Serbo-Croatian Male
      option(value='Slovak Male') Slovak Male
      option(value='Swahili Male') Swahili Male
      option(value='Swedish Male') Swedish Male
      option(value='Vietnamese Male') Vietnamese Male
      option(value='Welsh Male') Welsh Male
      option(value='Fallback UK Female') Fallback UK Female
      button#playbutton.btn--default Play
      button#stopbutton.btn--error Stop


  resize vertical


Source From:

playbutton.onclick = function() {
  responsiveVoice.speak(document.getElementById('text').value, document.getElementById('voiceselection').value);
stopbutton.onclick = function() {