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                <h1><strong><u>Essential Website Design Tips</u></strong></h1>
<p>In the world of the internet, web design receives great attention. People have unique opinions and ideas on how the ultimate appeal of the website must be. In fact, it is not important that what one person likes may also satisfy the other.</p>
<p><img src="" alt="Website Design" width="899" height="450" /></p>
<p>When you are interested to sell some products and services online, it is possible to find several directions and styles to move ahead for web design. It can be minimalistic to classy with vibrant, playful, and modern appeal. Stats reveal that for almost half of the target audience online, the overall appeal of the website is the main judging factor for the company's credibility. As a result, it also influencers the <a href="">bounce rate</a>, conversions, and leads for your business.</p>
<p>Those who are looking for some expert tips and tricks for website design are advised to go ahead with the details below. Here we have highlighted the five most trusted solutions to make your website more compelling and effective.</p>
<h2><strong>Keep your homepage clutter-free</strong></h2>
<p>The home page of the website communicates the core message of your brand. No one finds time to read every word written on website pages, but yes, people scan every page while putting an eye on the images, sentences, and keywords. So, as you are already aware of this human behavior, it is better to focus on the visual appeal of the website and the emotions associated with it, instead of the word count.</p>
<p>Lesser words website visitors have to read, the more they can evaluate and process your content. When you reduce the attention spans on the website pages, there are chances that users will follow your call to action more easily.</p>
<p>In order to make your web pages more inviting, you should:</p>
<li>Allow visitors to understand what your website is all about without scrolling too much or clicking anywhere.</li>
<li>Space out all the website content more carefully while leading a spacious and well-balanced feel. Prefer to write bite-sized, creative, and legible paragraphs.</li>
<li>Prefer to add high-quality multimedia files including icons and vector art on your website.</li>
<li>Never forget to add a solid call to action on the website homepage.</li>
<h2><strong>Prefer easy to read content</strong></h2>
<p>In order to make your website worth readers, the words, phrases, and sentences must be created more carefully. The websites with high readability scores are likely to make scanning completely effortless. It is good to follow these tips to enhance the readability of your website:</p>
<li>Maintain sufficient contrast between color, text, and background color of your website. Note that your website background color represents the color of your brand so it must be selected carefully.</li>
<li>A wide range of people struggles hard to go through small fonts. The rule of website design is to maintain a font size of at least 16pt.</li>
<li>There are plenty of font types at our disposal. Experts advise going ahead with sans serif fonts for the lengthy texts whereas you can create unique pairings for different pages to enhance the appeal. Although there are some decorative fonts as well, they are often difficult to read; hence, the overuse of such fonts must be avoided.</li>
<li>It is also good to use text themes to draw the reader&rsquo;s attention towards your website content.</li>
<h2><strong>Work on navigation elements</strong></h2>
<p>A website with an easy and impactful navigation system receives more attention from the audience. It can further enhance user experience while exploring your products and services online. In order to achieve the best returns, you should:</p>
<li>Prefer to link your logo to the homepage of the website to create a branding impact.</li>
<li>Place your website menu at the most convenient and easy to access area.</li>
<li>Follow vertical navigation options so that readers can easily jump to different sections.</li>
<p>Once you start following these simple and effective tips from experts at <a href="">Web Design London</a>, it will be easier to achieve the desired results online.</p>