[HTML Code Play](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.HTML.AngularJS.Codeplay) is one of the newest android application, it is used to learn programming with very simple examples. It have many types of programming code samples. Currently have the following types programs.

  • 1. HTML
  • 2. CSS
  • 3. JavaScript
  • 4. jQuery
  • 5. KnockoutJS
  • 6. Materialize CSS
  • 7. Lumx
  • 8. AngularJS
  • 9.paperjs
  • 10.Bootstrap
  • 11.physicsjs

    In feature I will add more samples and many types of program. I have planed to integrate in feature Bootstrap, purecss, game development and etc types. So don't forget to always keep updated version of HTML Code Play. This is the ad supported version and now I am working for pro version it will not show any ads and solve all reported bugs and many feature include.

    This is the first learning, editing and output app in play store. some screen shots are shown below. Please If you found any bugs please comments below of this blog.

This application have 3 issues, they are shown below

1.Some time the program will not load automatically when you click on Learn button, don't worry just select any program from the menu.

2.Some time the code will not visible when select the program from the lists, don't worry just click OUTPUT button and again click the CODE button, the code will definitely visible.

3.If you save the code, it will not display under the Saved Data menu instantly. Don't worry just go home page or exit the app and reopen again, the saved name will display under the Saved Data menu.

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