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shows the colors-name distribution for https://github.com/meodai/color-names in different color spaces. Related to issue: https://github.com/meodai/color-names/issues/6


  1. Very cool!
    The mouse-dragging stops not being completely 360% rotating. Was it by choice? Great work btw :)

  2. @Turius no idea why this is, I'm not very talented with three.js :D Any idea how to fix it?

  3. Gimball lock / unlock ...

  4. Awesome visualisation. What decides on the pixels position in the box?

  5. @SarahC the color position in the corresponding system: Every side of the cube references the min and max value of the corresponding system. Lets use RGB as an example. R could be the X axis, G the Y axis and B the Z axis, where one side of each dimension represents the min and the oder the max value. In this case y 0 = r 0 and y 1 = r 255 (because RGB can have values from 0 to 255 for each coordinate).

    • lets take 'red' as an example it translates to RGB 255 0 0: translated to the position in the cube it would bean. X = 1, Y = 0, Z = 0.
    • orange -> RGB 255 127 0 -> X = 1, Y = 0.5, Z = 0, ...

    Hope this helps, if not feel free to get back to me.

  6. @Montago did not find such option for the cam. Can you give me a bit of guidance here?

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