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Explosions inspired by MegaSphere!


  1. Awesome! Was that inspired by MegaSphere?

  2. @jackrugie, Thank you, it is a bit slow yet, because I don't remove the particles once the animation is done... Yes I was inspired my MegaSphere, it looks so nice.

  3. Skandal @alexandre-skandal on

    This is Awesome !

  4. Nice! I recommend changing 'touch' to 'touchend' for mobile love :)

  5. Too hot? Hot damn!

  6. @Boymeetscode, @alexandre-mtimet: thank you <3. @chrisgannon, Thank you i changed it to touchstart actually. @jackrugie should be much faster now. Elements that have been animated get removed from the DOM.

  7. @chrisgannon ah much better! But there is no sound for some reason :/

  8. there is also a version with random explosion particles:

  9. magical, love this well done

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