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  1. What program did you use? All the class names lead me to assume that you didn't hard code this?

  2. @samirc, I don't use program. "Element" is very simple name of classes, which does not need a long deliberation

  3. so you really did hard code this ?

  4. @samirc, If I understood you correctly. Yes, I did it by hand

  5. @melnik909 you have done an awesome job buddy :) really love it.

    Just one question though how did you break the image in so many small parts?

  6. Hey @melnik909 you really inspired me to create something of mine here it is you might like to check http://codepen.io/anandaprojapati/pen/dpxvoZ

  7. Really awesome. one question though, why didn't you used SVG.

  8. Wow! how long did it take you ?

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