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  1. Very cool and original concept. I like it a lot.

  2. This design is so prefect. I love it, it nicely show what to fill with what. Could I use this?

  3. cool work =)

  4. nice design! I wouldn't put a glow between the cards but a solid color, same as the background one, for a more "flat" design style

    see mine from some years ago:


  5. @vsync thanks! I like your card.

  6. Very good concept and very nicely executed!

  7. Clean and simple The credit card number format for the card is not clear. Suggest number format instruction on hover so when submitted the validation isn't a problem.

  8. I was like smiling seeing the creativity of people. That is really awesome. I like it a lot. :)

  9. I found your card creative and beautiful. It is super clean looking. I don't think I'd change anything except perhaps to show the number format in the card number field or have four boxes that tab, with each allowing 4 numbers then auto-tabbing to the next when the user has finished filling the one previous (hope that makes sense). i just love the elegance of your design.

  10. Really cool idea. Perhaps you can include support for decteting other card types (e.g. Amex) based on the numbers keyed in?

  11. @raspberrysmile i don't know what is Amex. Can you send me a example?

  12. please don't empty my bank account haha great form, great work

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