CodePen Meetups

For like minded <code> people.

⚠️ We're not running CodePen meetups very often anymore. If you really wanna run one, feel free to reach out at and we can talk about it.

What you can expect from us

When you throw a CodePen Meetup, you'll have support from us.

A Box of Swag

It changes from time to time, but typically: t-shirts, stickers, notebooks, pens, buttons, etc.

An RSVP system

We use Nvite for the meetups. This gives your meetup a lovely landing page where you can explain the when, where, what, and who of the meetup. People sign up, and you can then communicate with them via email and they will be reminded of the event when it arrives.

If you have your own preferred system, that's fine too.


We'll do our best to promote your meetup. For example, through Twitter and Facebook, through our newsletter, and our Upcoming Meetups page.

But remember, meetups are local events and the best driver of attendence is you!

Stacy K at Meetup
Jake at Meetup Milwaukee Meetup Group

What we need from you

You'll be completely in charge of this meetup. It's your baby! This is what you'll need to do to make it happen.

Pick a date and time

Generally weekdays and after-work time slots work the best. For example, Thursday at 6 PM. But you know your community best and we'll default to your judgment.

Pick a venue

You'll need to have somewhere to throw it. And they, uh, need to know you are coming. Don't just pick a bar and show up. In fact, bars sometimes work, but they aren't perfect.

Decide on a format

The most common format for CodePen Meetups is the Show & Tell. Choose a host (if it's not yourself!) to guide the session, encouraging people to come up and show off their favorite Pen (or something else that's awesome).

But, we're open to any sort of format with a CodePen theme. Could be a hackathon, a help session, speakers, or just hanging out. It's just best to communicate that to everyone signing up to come.

A promise

A promise to adhere to and uphold our Code of Conduct


Sponsors are great to have for meetups. They can come in many different forms.

Venue Sponsor

If a local company wants to donate the use of their space, that's great. We'd definitely call that sponsorship. It's common to allow them to say a few words at the meetup in exchange.

General Sponsor

A general sponsor just wants to support the meetup in any way they can. Generally that means helping pay for the venue in the case there is a cost for that. Also helping with the food and beverages.

We may be able to help you with general sponsorship. That will likely entail promoting the sponsor in return. Of course we'll make sure the sponsor is agreeable to both of us!

Meetup shots!