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              - var schemes = ['primary', 'secondary', 'action', 'mono', 'info', 'success', 'warning', 'alert'];
- var tones = ['lightest', 'lighter', 'light', 'dark', 'darker', 'darkest'];

each scheme in schemes
      each tone in tones
              @import 'bourbon';

// The base colors to generate all the different tones
// Fun fact: these colors are from the 1st generation pokemon starters (Pikachu included). 
$g-primary-color: #f6bd20;
$g-secondary-color: #9c5200;
$g-action-color: #c52018;
$g-mono-color: #737383;
$g-info-color: #8bc5cd;
$g-success-color: #73ac31;
$g-warning-color: #ff9441;
$g-alert-color: #e63900;

$g-shade-1: 20%;
$g-shade-2: 40%;
$g-shade-3: 60%;

// Map for storing all color variables
// Different tones can be generated or set manually here
$color-map: (
  primary: (
    lightest: tint($g-primary-color, $g-shade-3),
    lighter: tint($g-primary-color, $g-shade-2),
    light: tint($g-primary-color, $g-shade-1),
    base: $g-primary-color,
    dark: shade($g-primary-color, $g-shade-1),
    darker: shade($g-primary-color, $g-shade-2),
    darkest: shade($g-primary-color, $g-shade-3)

  secondary: (
    lightest: tint($g-secondary-color, $g-shade-3),
    lighter: tint($g-secondary-color, $g-shade-2),
    light: tint($g-secondary-color, $g-shade-1),
    base: $g-secondary-color,
    dark: shade($g-secondary-color, $g-shade-1),
    darker: shade($g-secondary-color, $g-shade-2),
    darkest: shade($g-secondary-color, $g-shade-3)

  action: (
    lightest: tint($g-action-color, $g-shade-3),
    lighter: tint($g-action-color, $g-shade-2),
    light: tint($g-action-color, $g-shade-1),
    base: $g-action-color,
    dark: shade($g-action-color, $g-shade-1),
    darker: shade($g-action-color, $g-shade-2),
    darkest: shade($g-action-color, $g-shade-3)

  mono: (
    lightest: #fffefc,
    lighter: tint($g-mono-color, $g-shade-2),
    light: tint($g-mono-color, $g-shade-1),
    base: $g-mono-color,
    dark: shade($g-mono-color, $g-shade-1),
    darker: shade($g-mono-color, $g-shade-2),
    darkest: shade($g-mono-color, $g-shade-3)

  info: (
    lightest: tint($g-info-color, $g-shade-3),
    lighter: tint($g-info-color, $g-shade-2),
    light: tint($g-info-color, $g-shade-1),
    base: $g-info-color,
    dark: shade($g-info-color, $g-shade-1),
    darker: shade($g-info-color, $g-shade-2),
    darkest: shade($g-info-color, $g-shade-3)

  success: (
    lightest: tint($g-success-color, $g-shade-3),
    lighter: tint($g-success-color, $g-shade-2),
    light: tint($g-success-color, $g-shade-1),
    base: $g-success-color,
    dark: shade($g-success-color, $g-shade-1),
    darker: shade($g-success-color, $g-shade-2),
    darkest: shade($g-success-color, $g-shade-3)

  warning: (
    lightest: tint($g-warning-color, $g-shade-3),
    lighter: tint($g-warning-color, $g-shade-2),
    light: tint($g-warning-color, $g-shade-1),
    base: $g-warning-color,
    dark: shade($g-warning-color, $g-shade-1),
    darker: shade($g-warning-color, $g-shade-2),
    darkest: shade($g-warning-color, $g-shade-3)

  alert: (
    lightest: tint($g-alert-color, $g-shade-3),
    lighter: tint($g-alert-color, $g-shade-2),
    light: tint($g-alert-color, $g-shade-1),
    base: $g-alert-color,
    dark: shade($g-alert-color, $g-shade-1),
    darker: shade($g-alert-color, $g-shade-2),
    darkest: shade($g-alert-color, $g-shade-3)

// This is the function to pull colors out. It's here instead of on the functions sheet so the below color values can be set.
@function color($color, $tone: 'base') {
  @if map-has-key($color-map, $color) {
    @return map-get(map-get($color-map, $color), $tone);

// Mixin to use with the breakpoint map, sets any styles to be used above a certain screen width
@mixin larger-than($width) {
  @media (min-width: $width) {

// For making contrasting font colors with backgrounds
@mixin contra-color($color, $light: #FFF, $dark: #000) {
   background-color: $color;
   @if (lightness($color) > 50) {
      color: $dark;
   } @else {
      color: $light;

// The variables for styling the color swatches themselves

$modular-scale-ratio: $minor-third;
$modular-scale-base: 1rem;

$swatch-bp-small: em(480px);
$swatch-bp-medium: em(787px);

$swatches-per-row: 3;
$swatches-tones-per-row: 3;

$swatch-base-height: 130px;
$swatch-tone-height: 70px;

$swatch-hex-position: null null 0.5em 0.5em;
$swatch-shade-position: 0.5em null null 0.5em;

$swatch-light-text: color(mono, lightest);
$swatch-dark-text: color(mono, darkest);

$swatch-base__shade-font-size: modular-scale(3);
$swatch-base__hex-font-size: modular-scale(1);

$swatch-tone__shade-font-size: modular-scale(0);
$swatch-tone__hex-font-size: modular-scale(-1);

// Mixin for generating the common swatch colors
@mixin swatch__color-scheme-generator($u-color, $shade, $base: false) {
  @include contra-color($u-color, $swatch-light-text, $swatch-dark-text);
  position: relative;

  @if ($base == true) {
    font-size: $swatch-base__shade-font-size;
	 text-transform: uppercase;

    &::after { font-size: $swatch-base__hex-font-size; }
  } @else {
    font-size: $swatch-tone__shade-font-size;
	 text-transform: capitalize;

    &::after { font-size: $swatch-tone__hex-font-size; }

  &::before {
    @include position(absolute, $swatch-shade-position);
    content: quote(inspect($shade));

  &::after {
    @include position(absolute, $swatch-hex-position);
    content: quote(inspect($u-color));

    text-transform: uppercase;

.swatch {
	@include clearfix();
	margin-bottom: 0.5em;
	display: block;
	font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica', sans-serif;
	@include larger-than($swatch-bp-small) {
		@include padding(null 0.5em);
		width: 50%;
		float: left;
		display: inline-block;
		box-sizing: border-box;
	@include larger-than($swatch-bp-medium) {
		width: (100% / $swatches-per-row);

// The base color for every scheme
.swatch__base {
  @include size(100% $swatch-base-height);

// Container for both light and dark tones
.swatch__all-tones {
  @include size(100% $swatch-tone-height);
  @include clearfix();

// Every light and dark tone of the base color
.swatch__tone {
  @include size(100%);
  display: inline-block;
  margin: 0;
  float: left;

  @include larger-than($swatch-bp-small) {
    width: percentage(1/$swatches-tones-per-row);

// Loops through the sass map to generate the specific color scheme colors

@each $palette, $tones in $color-map {
	$base-color: map-get($tones, base);
	.swatch._#{$palette} {
		.swatch__base { @include swatch__color-scheme-generator($base-color, $palette, $base: true); }
		@each $tone-name, $tone-value in $tones {
			._tone-#{$tone-name} { @include swatch__color-scheme-generator($tone-value, $tone-name); }


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