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                <!-- FONTS -->
<link href=',400,600' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

<!-- PAGE STUFF -->
<div class="rela-block page">
    <div class="rela-block top-bar">
        <div class="caps name"><div class="abs-center">Kyle J Shanks</div></div>
    <div class="side-bar">
        <div class="mugshot">
            <div class="logo">
                <svg viewbox="0 0 80 80" class="rela-block logo-svg">
                    <path d="M 10 10 L 52 10 L 72 30 L 72 70 L 30 70 L 10 50 Z" stroke-width="2.5" fill="none"/>
                <p class="logo-text">kj</p>
        <p>123 My Place Drive</p>
        <p>Astoria, New York 11105</p>
        <p class="rela-block social twitter">Twitter stuff</p>
        <p class="rela-block social pinterest">Pinterest things</p>
        <p class="rela-block social linked-in">Linked-in man</p>
        <p class="rela-block caps side-header">Expertise</p>
        <p class="rela-block list-thing">HTML</p>
        <p class="rela-block list-thing">CSS (Stylus)</p>
        <p class="rela-block list-thing">JavaScript & jQuery</p>
        <p class="rela-block list-thing">Killer Taste</p>
        <p class="rela-block caps side-header">Education</p>
        <p class="rela-block list-thing">Advanced potion making</p>
        <p class="rela-block list-thing">Degree in popping and locking</p>
        <p class="rela-block list-thing">Knitting game on point</p>
        <p class="rela-block list-thing">Culinary af</p>
    <div class="rela-block content-container">
        <h2 class="rela-block caps title">Jr Front-End Developer</h2>
        <div class="rela-block separator"></div>
        <div class="rela-block caps greyed">Profile</div>
        <p class="long-margin">Retro DIY quinoa, mixtape williamsburg master cleanse bushwick tumblr chillwave dreamcatcher hella wolf paleo. Knausgaard semiotics truffaut cornhole hoodie, YOLO meggings gochujang tofu. Locavore ugh kale chips iPhone biodiesel typewriter freegan, kinfolk brooklyn kitsch man bun. Austin neutra etsy, lumbersexual paleo cornhole sriracha kinfolk meggings kickstarter. </p>
        <div class="rela-block caps greyed">Experience</div>

        <h3>Job #1</h3>
        <p class="light">First job description</p>
        <p class="justified">Plaid gentrify put a bird on it, pickled XOXO farm-to-table irony raw denim messenger bag leggings. Hoodie PBR&B photo booth, vegan chillwave meh paleo freegan ramps. Letterpress shabby chic fixie semiotics. Meditation sriracha banjo pour-over. Gochujang pickled hashtag mixtape cred chambray. Freegan microdosing VHS, 90's bicycle rights aesthetic hella PBR&B. </p>
        <h3>Job #2</h3>
        <p class="light">Second Job Description</p>
        <p class="justified">Beard before they sold out photo booth distillery health goth. Hammock franzen green juice meggings, ethical sriracha tattooed schlitz mixtape man bun stumptown swag whatever distillery blog. Affogato iPhone normcore, meggings actually direct trade lomo plaid franzen shoreditch. Photo booth pug paleo austin, pour-over banh mi scenester vice food truck slow-carb. Street art kogi normcore, vice everyday carry crucifix thundercats man bun raw denim echo park pork belly helvetica vinyl. </p>
        <h3>Job #3</h3>
        <p class="light">Third Job Description</p>
        <p class="justified">Next level roof party lo-fi fingerstache skateboard, kogi tumblr. Shabby chic put a bird on it chambray, 3 wolf moon swag beard brooklyn post-ironic taxidermy art party microdosing keffiyeh marfa. Put a bird on it 3 wolf moon cliche helvetica knausgaard. Mumblecore fingerstache lomo, artisan freegan keffiyeh paleo kinfolk kale chips street art blog flannel.</p>


                // MIXINS
//Dummy Variable
$x = false;
// The top, left, right, and bottom are optional
setup(display, position, margin, top = null, right = null, bottom = null, left = null)  
    display display
    position position
    margin margin
    top top
    left left
    right right
    bottom bottom
font(font-family, font-size, letter-spacing, font-weight, line-height = 1)
    font-family font-family
    font-size font-size
    letter-spacing letter-spacing
    font-weight font-weight
    line-height line-height
* {box-sizing: border-box; transition: 0.35s ease;}
    setup(block, relative, auto)
    setup(inline-block, relative, auto)
    setup(inline-block, relative, $x)
    float left
    setup($x, absolute, $x, 50%, $x, $x, 50%)
    transform translate(-50%, -50%)
    text-align center
    width 88%
// --- COLORS ---

// --- PAGE STYLINGS ---
    font('Open Sans',18px,0px,400,28px)
    background: url('') right no-repeat
    background-size: cover
        content ""
        background-color rgba(255,255,255,0.92)
.caps {text-transform: uppercase;}
.justified {text-align: justify;}
p.light {color: #777;}
h2 {font('Open Sans',30px,5px,600,40px); color: black}
h3 {font('Open Sans',21px,1px,600,28px); color: black}
    width 90%
    max-width 1200px
    margin 80px auto
    background-color white
    box-shadow 6px 10px 28px 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.4)
    height 220px
    background-color #848484
    color white
    setup($x,absolute,$x,$x,0,0,calc(350px + 5%))
    height 120px
    text-align center
    & div {width: 94%}
    width 350px
    background-color #F7E0C1
    padding 320px 30px 50px
    height 210px
    width 210px
    & .logo {margin: -23px;}
    $midSize = 250px;    // Controls overall size
    z-index 100
    margin 0
    color black
    height $midSize
    width $midSize
    & .logo-svg
        height 100%
        width 100%
        stroke black
        cursor pointer
    & .logo-text
        setup($x, absolute, $x, 58%, 16%)
        cursor pointer
        font("Montserrat", $midSize/5 + $midSize/50, 0px, 400, $midSize/5 + $midSize/30)

    padding-left 60px
    margin-bottom 20px
    cursor pointer
        content ""
        height 35px
        width 35px
        background-size cover !important
    &.twitter:before{background: url('') center no-repeat}
    &.pinterest:before{background: url('') center no-repeat}
    &.linked-in:before{background: url('') center no-repeat;}
    font('Open Sans',18px,4px,600,28px)
    margin 60px auto 10px
    padding-bottom 5px
    border-bottom 1px solid #888
.list-thing {padding-left: 25px; margin-bottom: 10px}
    margin-right 0
    width calc(95% - 350px)
    padding 25px 40px 50px
    & > * {margin: 0 auto 25px}
    & > h3 {margin: 0 auto 5px}
    & > p.long-margin {margin: 0 auto 50px}

.title{width: 80%; text-align: center}

    width 240px
    height 2px
    background-color #999
    background-color #DDD
    width 100%
    max-width 580px
    text-align center
    font('Open Sans',18px,6px,600,28px)
@media screen and (max-width: 1150px)
    .name {color: white; font('Raleway',38px,6px,100,48px)}


                // Some assembly required, batteries sold separately

// Inspiration