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                <!-- Use preprocessors via the lang attribute! e.g. <template lang="pug"> -->
  <div id="app" class="bg-gray-900">
   <div class="w-full max-w-xl mx-auto border-l border-r border-gray-700 min-h-screen h-full main">
     <div class="w-full h-16 border-b border-gray-700 px-5 py-3 flex items-center justify-between text-gray-100 sticky top-0 bg-gray-900 z-30">
       <div class="text-lg font-medium ">
       <div class="hover:bg-gray-800 hover:bg-opacity-70 cursor-pointer w-10 h-10 rounded-full flex items-center justify-center">
         <svg class="h-5 w-5" fill="none" viewBox="0 0 24 24" stroke="currentColor"><path stroke-linecap="round" stroke-linejoin="round" stroke-width="1" d="M5 3v4M3 5h4M6 17v4m-2-2h4m5-16l2.286 6.857L21 12l-5.714 2.143L13 21l-2.286-6.857L5 12l5.714-2.143L13 3z" />
     <div class="card" v-for="n in 10" :key="n">
       <div class="border-b border-gray-700 p-5 flex items-start space-x-5 cursor-pointer hover:bg-gray-800 hover:bg-opacity-25 transition duration-200">
         <div class="w-12 flex-shrink-0" v-Tooltip>
           <div class="w-12 h-12 rounded-full bg-gray-700 bg-opacity-50">
             <img :src="''+ Math.ceil(Math.random() * 1000)" alt="" class="w-12 h-12 rounded-full">
         <div class="flex-1">
           <div class="flex items-center space-x-2">
             <div class="text-base text-gray-100 font-medium">
               Jason Bourne
             <div class="text-gray-500 font-normal text-sm">
           <div class="mt-3 text-gray-300 text-sm">
             Lorem ipsum, dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Error explicabo qui illo dolores rerum ducimus voluptatibus esse culpa sequi ea. Officiis cupiditate deleniti sapiente facere rerum? Exercitationem tempore quos sapiente?
           <div class="mt-3 bg-gray-800 w-full d-16x9 rounded-lg flex items-center justify-center text-gray-600" v-if="Math.random() > 0.55">
             <svg class="h-12 w-12" viewBox="0 0 20 20" fill="currentColor">
  <path fill-rule="evenodd" d="M4 3a2 2 0 00-2 2v10a2 2 0 002 2h12a2 2 0 002-2V5a2 2 0 00-2-2H4zm12 12H4l4-8 3 6 2-4 3 6z" clip-rule="evenodd" /></svg>



<script setup>
  import { computed,ref,onMounted } from 'vue'
  const genuuid = () => {
    return ([1e7]+-1e3+-4e3+-8e3+-1e11).replace(/[018]/g, c =>
      (c ^ crypto.getRandomValues(new Uint8Array(1))[0] & 15 >> c / 4).toString(16)
  const vTooltip = {
    mounted (el,binding,vnode) {
      const uuid = genuuid()
      const showtip = () => {
        const dock = document.createElement('div')
        dock.setAttribute('id',uuid) = 'absolute' = 9999999
        dock.innerHtml = 'DOCKLAND'
      const hidetip = () => {
        const dock2destroy = document.getElementById(uuid)
        if(dock2destroy) {
    updated (el,binding,vnode) {
    beforeUnmount (el) {
    unmounted (el) {
  onMounted(() => {
      opacity: 0.4,
      duration: .4,
      stagger: .15,
      y: '+=500',//THIS IS THE PROBLEM !!!!!! If you remove it all works fine.

<style scoped>
  .d-16x9 {
    aspect-ratio: 16 / 9;