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A basic use of web speech synthesis.

Support in Chrome Canary/Dev Channel and Safari


  1. Is there any way to turn this into an offline program?

  2. Does this work for anyone on mobile? I tried iPhone Safari and Android Chrome and it doesn't make a sound (it works on my desktop). On mobile, the page says my browser supports speech synthesis and when I remote debug Android Chrome, I can indeed load SpeechSynthesis via the console, load the voices, only the browser won't speak. As a side note, I have SpeechRecognition working fine on Android Chrome phone, so mystery why the text-to-speech bit doesn't work. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

  3. @mersaul4 I have also had zero success with this and other SpeechSynthesis demos on iOS (Chrome and Safari), that work just fine on desktop. On my phone the demo, like caniuse, say the API is supported in my browser. Go figure.

    'hilarious' UPDATE: I just had to toggle the physical ring/silent switch on my iPhone. Hadn't touched it in so long I'd forgotten what it was for.

  4. @Strangehill yes!! that helped, thanks so much. I made sure the volume was up before, but still didn't work until the mute switch on the iPhone was flicked.

  5. Hi Matt,

    For some reasons, the speech synthesis feature is not working on my machine. I use Google Chrome. Moreover, the voice list is also empty. Please help.

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