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An example of a plane with a ripple effect vertex shader using curtains.js lib.


  1. Amazing pen and library! Is there a way to add multiple images on a page with this effect? Thank you!

  2. Hi @kathryn-carmichael-reina,

    yes of course you can! Most simple way would be by mixing this pen and that one: https://codepen.io/martinlaxenaire/pen/LrovPy You'd just have to change the planes definition, send your mouse coords to each plane and use this pen shaders.


  3. Thank you so much for the quick response @ martinlaxenaire! I think I am running into some trouble with my mouse coords. Do you think you could offer some advice? My pen is below:


  4. Hey @kathryn-carmichael-reina,

    looks like you were a bit confused about the process. You are instanciating the first plane two times, and you're not sending the mouse coords to the right planes. Did you just copy/paste the whole javascript code from the second pen into the first one? Anyway, here's a working fork of your pen: https://codepen.io/martinlaxenaire/pen/jeZyZM


  5. @martinlaxenaire you are a rockstar! Thank you for creating this library and thank you for your help. Much appreciated!

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