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Responsive material card based on Google Material Color palette in a bootstrap grid.


  1. Love this! Nice work!!

  2. Thank you Steve :)

  3. Amazing! I would position the close button in the same coordinates as the open one.

  4. Awesome work! I can't wait to play around with Material Design!

  5. This is is excellent.

  6. A very neat design, have you thought about implementing a template system. such as moustache then linking it to an api such as http://www.omdbapi.com/

  7. Hello Theo, it's a very good idea, I promise to think about it.

  8. Nice work! Great transitions.

  9. nice and clean!

  10. Awesome work. I would like to convert it in an angular component. Are you agree? Of course credits ;) There will be your name and a link to your codepen :)

  11. Thank you @fabiobiondi, I'm sorry for my late answer, yes, you can do what you want.

  12. amazing card.. this is the reason behind i add this amazing thing in my blog. http://csshint.com/material-design-card-ui/

  13. Awesome Work, The Best Cards in The World!! Thanks Bro!

  14. You did an awesomely good work, love it, and love u

  15. Can someone explain me how it works, things are stuck up.

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