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  <h1>Send an event to GA When Exiting a Page</h1>

  <p>There are 2 methods demo'd in this pen. View the browser console for the results.</p>

  <h2>1) Form Interaction with a Before Unload Listener</h2>

  <p>If there's anything in the input field before page unload, an alert will popup.</p>

  <p>A simple test is to enter something in the name field, then click the browser's back button.</>

  <form id="test-form">
    <input id="name" type="text" placeholder="Name">

  <h2>2) Navigation from Page with a Visibility Change Listener</h2>

  <p>Test this by opening up a new tab or navigating to another tab.</p>



  <h2>Live Demo</h2>
    Kick the tires with a <a href="">live demo</a>.




                // Old way. Not reliable. Each browser handles this differently.
// E.g., some browsers will not fire if there's no interaction
// with the page.
const beforeUnloadListener = (event) => {
  event.preventDefault(); // Just for testing this pen.

  console.log('beforeUnloadListener: Can send stats to GA here.');
  // GA code goes here.
  // Below is an example using gtag.js API.
      gtag('event', 'page-exit', {
      'event_category': 'input-field',
      'event_action' : 'exit-intent',
      'event_label': 'input-name',
      'value': 1


const nameInput = document.querySelector("#name");

nameInput.addEventListener("input", (event) => {
  if ( !== "") {
    addEventListener("beforeunload", beforeUnloadListener, {capture: true});
  } else {
    removeEventListener("beforeunload", beforeUnloadListener, {capture: true});

// More reliable. Switch tabs as a simple test.
document.addEventListener('visibilitychange', function logData() {
  if (document.visibilityState === 'hidden') {
    const msg = 'visibilitychange: Can send stats to GA here too.';
    // sendBeachon can go here e.g., navigator.sendBeacon('/log', analyticsData);
    // Call to gtag can also go here.