Alexandra Camelia POTRA

A great hero for futer!


If you didn`t know until now who is this beautiful girl, you will discover in the next paragraphs about her. She is a young Ph.D. geographer, who is pasioned for GIS (Geographical Information System),Regional Geography; Territorial Planning; Digital Mapping; Topography and you will find out more in the next future when she will rock the world with her new geographic vision in future mapping.

Let's make a little leap into the biography of this young doctor:

✔ Surely few of you know, but the roots of the Potra family are the same with the great romanian writer Octavian Goga.

✔ In 1989, in a small village from the bottom of Vladeasa Mountains,Sacuieu- Romania, born Alexandra.

✔ In 2011 she completed the courses of the Faculty of Geography in Cluj Napoca, specialization in cartography.

✔ In 2013 she finished her Master`s degree in Geomatics.Next you can find her first interview for her thesis.

✔ In 2017 she finished her phD`s degree.
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„ How could you live,
if you did not learn that the importance of life is given by the actions made,
namely by overcoming the threshold that gives you satisfaction ?!„