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a bit of 3d transformations


  1. dang, this looks really cool. great work!

  2. Thanks @ZCKVNS, I'm glad you like it!

  3. what the... this is very impressive, what's going on?! My mind explodes!! Absolutely cool

  4. @pimskie: I'm glad you like it :) thanks

  5. but it's scss, not pure css...

  6. @Phinnik: pure css is a term describing the technology used to drive the animation. most of the times it is used to emphasize the lack of JS in the pen. The fact that the CSS was generated it is less important as long as the browser gets CSS. This of course depends on the actual tool, but Sass, Less, Stylus and similar tools are considered only helpers that deal with the repetitive portions.

    An animation like this, build without the help of the mentioned tools would be impractical to write and to read. Just take a look at the compiled CSS, 300 lines transforms into 2k+

    Another point of view is to consider Sass, Less and so on, just different ways of writing CSS.

  7. trippy, so smooth in CSS love it

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