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    <nav id="outside-router">
      <button data-link="route-1">Route-1</button>
      <button data-link="route-2">Route-2</button>
    <div id="router-wrapper" role="group" tabindex="-1">
    <div id="route-1">
        <p>Doggo ipsum i am bekom fat boofers big ol pupper pupperino long bois wow such tempt, dat tungg tho you are doing me the shock dat tungg tho you are doin me a concern. Sub woofer borkf long bois boofers h*ck aqua doggo, fat boi wow very biscit pupper. Smol maximum borkdrive big ol pupper waggy wags, length boy wow such tempt. Porgo you are doing me the shock long water shoob blep shibe, yapper heckin good boys doggo, boofers noodle horse shooberino. Dat tungg tho ur givin me a spook wow such tempt doggo, borking doggo ruff much ruin diet h*ck, corgo big ol pupper. You are doing me a frighten doge long bois big ol puggo dat tungg tho, much ruin diet shooberino bork heckin angery woofer. I am bekom fat long bois very taste wow woofer shooberino, woofer thicc. Borking doggo big ol the neighborhood pupper super chub smol borking doggo with a long snoot for pats long water shoob, stop it fren I am bekom fat h*ck. Very hand that feed shibe super chub blep, you are doing me a frighten.</p>
    <div id="route-2">
        Route-2 (not in main landmark)         </h1>
      Before landmark
      <main>In landmark</main>
      After landmark


                #router-wrapper {
  background: beige;
  padding: 1em 1.5em;

#outside-router {
  background: cadetblue;
  padding: 1em;

.routeSkipHeading {
    position: relative;
.routeSkipLink {
    display: inline-block;
    margin-left: -0.75em;
    opacity: 0;
    position: absolute;
    text-decoration: none;
.routeSkipLink:before {
    content: '⇽';
    display: block;
.routeSkipLink:hover {
    opacity: 1;


                const routerWrapper = document.querySelector(`#router-wrapper`)

const routeSkipLink = () => {
  const targetID = 'outside-router'
  let a = document.createElement('a')
  a.setAttribute('id', 'skip-main')
  a.setAttribute('href', `#${targetID}`)
  a.setAttribute('aria-label', `back to ${targetID}`)
  return a
const routes = {}

let cleanupFns = []

const initRoute = id => {
  const routeElement = document.querySelector(`#${id}`)
  const routeHeading = routeElement.querySelector('h1')
  routes[id] = routeElement

const setRoute = (id, clicked = false) => {
  cleanupFns.forEach(fn => fn())
  cleanupFns = []
  while (routerWrapper.firstChild) {
  /* Here's part we can experiment with */
  requestAnimationFrame(() => {
    // routerWrapper.focus()
    if (clicked && routes[id].querySelector('.routeSkipLink')) {
  /* End of part to experiment with */



document.querySelectorAll(`#outside-router [data-link]`).forEach(link => {
    const clickHandler = () => {
      setRoute(link.getAttribute('data-link'), true)
    link.addEventListener('click', clickHandler)