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              <div id="app">
	<h1>Vue Router Focus</h1>
	<ul class="nav">
			<router-link to="/">Home</router-link>
			<router-link to="/about">About</router-link>
			<router-link to="/newsletter">Newsletter</router-link>	
	<hr />
	<router-view ref="routerView"></router-view>
              /* Outline for non-interactive elements with focus for debugging */

*:focus {
    outline: 1px solid red;

.nav {
    list-style: none;

.nav li {
	float: left;

.content {
	min-height: 300px;

#app {
    margin: auto;
    max-width: 66em;
              const Home = Vue.component('home', {
	template: `<div class="content" >
<h2 ref="routeFocusTarget" tabindex="-1">Welcome!</h2>
<p>Just some text with <a href="#">a demo link</a>.</p>

const About = Vue.component('about', {
	template: `<div class="content" ref="routeFocusTarget" tabindex="-1">
<p>Venmo tacos ennui hoodie lomo tousled. Meh irony blue bottle brooklyn paleo. Post-ironic PBR&B blue bottle, iPhone meh ennui forage salvia normcore neutra chicharrones gentrify. Banjo jean shorts selfies, try-hard venmo before they sold out 8-bit gluten-free pinterest sustainable messenger bag you probably haven't heard of them poutine. Scenester farm-to-table craft beer, knausgaard leggings <a href="#">letterpress brunch</a> asymmetrical. Brooklyn you probably haven't heard of them typewriter flannel. Etsy austin venmo, knausgaard green juice squid butcher kombucha literally beard jean shorts VHS tote bag.</p>

const Newsletter = Vue.component('newsletter', {
	template: `<div class="content"><h2 tabindex="-1" ref="routeFocusTarget">Our newsletter</h2>
<form><fieldset><legend >Subscribe</legend>
<label>E-Mail: <input type="text"/></label>

const router = new VueRouter({
	routes: [
		{path: '/', component: Home},
		{path: '/about', component: About},
		{path: '/newsletter', component: Newsletter}

const app = new Vue({
	watch: {
		$route: function() {
			this.$nextTick(function () {
				setTimeout(() => {
				}, 1000);
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