// A classic App is made out of tons of custom functions
// you can use functions to shorten your coding for repetitive tasks

// When an arrow function has just one argument,
// you can omit the () parentesys
const p = text => document.write(`<p>${text}</p>`)

// Arguments can also have default values!
const h = (text, level = 1 ) =>

const image = (url, alt = 'just an image', width = 80) =>
  document.write(`<img src="${url}" alt="${alt}" width="${width}" />`)

const link = (url, text, title = 'just a link') =>
  document.write(`<a href="${url}" title="${title}">${text}</a>`)

// Now that we have some basic utility functions,
// we can build a nice web page:

h('Marco Pegoraro')

image('https://marcopeg.com/static/ebfc3827d45173658ffff10c869a8321/119a2/marcopeg.jpg', 'Marco Pegoraro')

link('//marcopeg.com', 'Visit my personal blog!')

h('History:', 3)
p('I was born in 1981, it was an hot hot summer...')

h('Skills:', 3)
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