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  1. in ie<9 not beauty

  2. Looking smooth. Small detail would be to put a negative margin of half the object width when positioning it 50% into the box.

  3. Looks really good! I made a variation that works a little better on IE8: http://codepen.io/mlms13/pen/DfImk

  4. Nice! I personally would change the top: -4px; of the arrow, to -3px. Now i can see the 2 other corners of the rectangle.

  5. Thanks for the nice Feedback!

  6. Used this codepin for the workshop after Square Code Camp presentation on CSS Architecture (https://speakerdeck.com/beausmith/css-architecture) After the talk we refactored the code in your example to meet the guidelines in the talk. Our final code: http://codepen.io/beau/pen/fLyql Thanks for sharing.

  7. Another workshop solution after teaching Sass and CSS Architecture: http://codepen.io/beau/pen/jdqEg

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