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Just my thoughts about creativity and the web..you know when you're thinking and you can't sleep until it's all out. Well this is what I was thinking about. Enjoy!

Who needs a blog when you have Codepen :)

If you want to contribute to making this pen better send me a fork!

Updates: Tom Leenders utilised my existing background coloured sections to a nice full page gradient which i really liked. Thanks Tom.


  1. Mo @BlackSwampz on

    Amazing work <3 the true meaning of web development and just development overall..

  2. Accurate and creative way of stating truth! I've held this belief for a long time but it's nice to see someone who shares the same belief.

  3. This is fantastic. Thanks for stating this.

  4. I love it when pens talk to me 👾 ... As front-end "nerds" we have the power to design things in a programmatic way. Consistency comes out of the box when we design with code, for example.

    It's all up to our imagination, as in your statement.

  5. I Love this! Why wouldn't you use "section" tag for sections?

  6. Well done & said! Hats off to you!

  7. This is fantastic. If you haven't already, give this similar sentiment Frank Chimero article a read. I think you'll enjoy it.

  8. @neurone00 Because they can't stand alone as sections.

  9. @neurone00 id like to say I thought about the structure but I really didn't, it was late, I typed up my thoughts, I went to bed. If i'd known so many people were going to look at it i'd probably have spent a bit more time! 😂 LOL, this is how we learn I guess!

    Though on reflection I wouldn't have used the section tag anyway in my mind the content belongs together as one section, not individual sections. The divs are simply for layout purposes, the use of the class "section" was really just laziness.

  10. @DeptofJeffAyer thank you for the link! It's a great read.

  11. OMG, this was awesome. I totally agree with what the Pen said.

  12. beautiful and I agree

  13. Simple & Awesome, Love it <3

  14. I'd <3 this a thousand times if I coud!

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