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  1. Really cool and useful =D

  2. Looks pretty cool, some recommendations to make it amazing:

    1. Increase contrast, this is a barebones styling for people to customise so it might not be important anyway
    2. Place the word "MENU" below the hamburger icon for the older generation
    3. Make the menu's visibility toggleable on larger viewports too. If you're using it on a large tablet/touchscren it may have issues since there is no hover on tablet
    4. Keyboard navigation?
  3. @Godje: thanks buddy :) @spartanatreyu : thank for the suggestions :)

  4. cool fork, nice job

  5. Hello Mahesh and thank you for this beautiful mega menu. I am try to use it on my new website http://www.visitmontaione.com/jnuovo/it/ but it seems I have some issue while scrolling the menu on small resolutions.

    When you open the submenus, and you scroll the page, the menu desappear. Do you know if there is a possibility to fix this small issue?

    It should be a pity if I couldn't use this amazing menu.

    Thank you very much for your help and have a nice Christmas!

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