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                ///////////////////////////////// JavaScript Operator Exercises ////////////////////////////////

// Remember to print your results to the console to check your answers.
// To print to the console, use the following syntax: console.log(variableName);
// Use your newfound knowledge of string operators to print fixed values and variables in the same statement,

let printing = "printing this";

let visitCount = 5000320;
console.log("This site has had " + visitCount + " visitors, and counting!");

// OR - with string literals
console.log(`This site has had ${visitCount} visitors and counting!`)

// To view the console, click the console button at the bottom left corner, next to the "assets" and "comments" buttons. You can erase statements printed to the console to have a clean slate by clicking "clear".

// 1. Declare two variables, x and y, and assign them to different numeric values of your choosing.

// - Declare a new variable, z, and assign it to the sum of x and y

// - Print the following sentence in the same format: "The sum of __ and __ is ___." where the value of x is in the first blank, y is in the second blank, and z is in the third blank.

// - Declare a new variable, i. and assign it to the quotient of z divided by 9.

// - Implement a conditional operator that assigns the value of i to 5 if the quotient of z divided by 9 is less than 12. If the quotient is greater than 12, assign i to the value of 90.

// - Print the value of i in the following format, using operations to print the variable in place of the blanks: "The value of variable i is _(i)_ because _(z)_ divided by 9 is __(print quotient of z divided by 9 without saving it to a variable)__."

// 2. Reduce the following 10 lines of code to 3 lines of code:

let value1 = 7;
let value2 = 9;
value2 = value1 + value2;

// 3. Create an array containing the names of 5 friends.
// - Append the last name of each friend to their respective element (the element with their name)
// - Print out the corresponding names of each friend for the following sentences:
// - "My oldest friend is ______."
// - "My funniest friend is ______."
// - "My __(insert some adjective)__ friend is _______."
// - "My __(insert some adjective)__ friend is _______."
// - "My __(insert some adjective)__ friend is _______."