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                <h1>Gygaxian Demon Generator</h1>
<div id="content">
  <select id="number" onChange = "changeText()">
    <option value="1">1</option>
    <option value="2">2</option>
    <option value="3">3</option>
    <option value="4">4</option>
    <option value="5">5</option>
  <button id="button" onclick="makeDemon()" value="New Demon">New Demon</button>



  border-bottom:1px solid black;
li span{


All info taken from the original DMG
Thanks Gary
//array holds created demons
var demons = [];
function to roll on the tables
@param index which table to roll on
@param attributes master set to use
@param times how many times to roll
function roll(index, attributes, times){
  //check if times is set
  if(!times || times===null){
    times = 1;
  //set the resu;lt
  var result = "";
  //roll given number or times
  for(i = 0; i < times; i++){
    var randomNum = Math.floor(Math.random() * attributes[index].length);
    //get the entry
    var entry = attributes[index][randomNum];
    //remove entry from the array
    attributes[index].splice(randomNum, 1);
    //add to the result
    result += entry;
    //add comma unless last roll
    if(times>1 && i < times-1){
      result+= ", ";
  //return the result
  return result;
function to generate random number
@param sides how many sides to roll for the die
function die(sides){
  return Math.ceil(Math.random() * sides);
Demon Object
function Demon(){
//attributes array for general demon abilities
var attributes = [];
//each sub array for the tables
var heads = 0;
attributes[0] = ["bat-like", "bird-like", "crocodillian", "horse-like", "human-like", "monkey-like", "snake-like", "weasel-like", "goat-like", "bovine", "rams", "insectile", "spider-like", "horrific and indescribable"];
var headAdornments = 1;
attributes[1] = ["antlers", " a crest", "horns", "knobs", "ridges", "a tattered ruff of bloody flesh", "spines", "oozing sores", "warts", "fleshy growths", "tiny writhing tentacles", "crystaline growths", "shards of glass", "palpating mounds of putrid flesh", "none"];
var visages = 2; 
attributes[2] = ["gibbering", "drooling", "glaring", "rotting", "skeletal", "twitching", "wrinkled", "maggot-riddled", "disgusting", "horrific", "twisted", "deranged"];
var ears = 3;
attributes[3] = ["dog-like", "elephant-like", "tiny human-like", "huge human-like", "trumpet-like", "no"];
var eyes = 4;
attributes[4] = ["small, multi-faceted", "small, slitted", "swivel-socketed", "stalked", "huge, flat", "huge, protruding", "sunken empty holes instead of", "bloody", "psychedelic, swirling", "crab-like", "soulless black"];
var noses = 5;
attributes[5] = ["flat, misshapen", "huge, bulbous", "slits only", "tiny", "hole of a", "trunk-like", "horrible insect-like proboscis", "bloody gash for a", "completely non-existent", "writhing, maggot-like"];
var mouths = 6;
attributes[6] = ["fanged", "mandibled", "sucker-like", "small, toothed", "rigid, toothed", "large, toothed", "tusked", "festering, toothless", "duck-billed", "canine", "fishy", "wet, dripping", "blood spewing sore surrounded"];
var torsos =7;
attributes[7] = ["ape-like", "bear-like", "bird-like", "human-like", "pig-like", "rat-like", "amoeba-like", "bison-like", "cat-like", "crab-like", "horse-like", "insect-like", "serpent-like", "spider-like"];
var characteristics = 8;
attributes[8] = ["fat", "long", "short", "thin", "broad", "muscled", "narrow", "rubbery"];
var tails = 9;
attributes[9] = ["barbed", "dog-like", "goat-like", "horse-like", "lion-like", "pig-like", "prehensile", "stingered", "pathetic squirrel", "writhing maggot"];
var bodyOdors = 10;
attributes[10] = ["bloody", "fishy", "fecal", "gangrenous", "moldy", "sweaty", "urine", "vomit", "death", "brimstone"];
var skins = 11;
attributes[11] = ["bald", "smooth", "furred", "hairy", "bristled", "leathery", "leprous", "scaled", "slimy", "warted", "wrinkled", "chitinous", "bony", "rhino-like", "maggoty", "pus-dripping", "oozing", "crystalline", "feathered"];
var colors = 12;
attributes[12] = ["blackish", "bluish", "brownish", "grayish", "whitish", "greenish", "orange", "pinkish", "purplish", "reddish", "yellowish", "festering", "translucent"];
var backs = 13;
attributes[13] = ["humped", "hunched", "maned", "sore-covered", "spiked", "spined", "ridged", "twisted", "broken", "constantly writhing"];
var wings = 14;
attributes[14] = ["bat-like", "bird-like", "insect-like", "membranous", "skeletal", "wretched flesh"];
var arms = 15;
attributes[15] = ["animal-like", "human-like", "insect-like", "tentacled", "rubbery", "variegated ", "twisted"];
var hands = 16;
attributes[16] = ["clawed", "human-nailed", "pincered", "taloned", "tentacle-fingered", "withered and bony"];
var legs = 17;
attributes[17] = ["duck-like", "hawk-like", "clawed", "hoofed", "human-like", "insect-like", "serpentine", "suctioned", "rubbery", "taloned", "webbed", "flipper-like", "skeletal", "tiny"]
var specialAttacks = 18;
attributes[18] = ["Strength Drain", "Constitution Drain", "Intelligence Drain", "Energy Drain (cold)", "Generates Heat (+2 to damage)", "Level Drain", "Charm Person as spell", "Dancing Lights as Spell", "Darkness 15' Radius as spell", "Invisibility as spell", "Spider Climb as spell", "Polymorph Self as spell"];
var specialDefenses = 19;
attributes[19]=["Immune to Cold", "Immune to Fire/Heat", "Immune to Electrical Attacks", "Only hit by +1 Weapons", "+4 to save vs. Magic", "Can only be hit by non-metal weapons", "Regenerate "+die(3)+" HP/round", "Immune to Surprise", "See Invisible", "Dark Vision"];  
  var a = attributes;
  //randomly set each of the values for the demon
  this.head = roll(heads, a);
  this.headAdornment = roll(headAdornments, a);
  this.visage = roll(visages, a);
  this.ears = roll(ears, a);
  this.numEyes = die(2) * 2;
  this.eyes = roll(eyes, a);
  this.nose = roll(noses, a);
  this.numMouths = die(4);
  this.mouth = roll(mouths, a);
  this.torso = roll(torsos, a);
  this.characteristics = roll(characteristics, a, 2);
  this.tail = roll(tails, a);
  this.bodyOdor = roll(bodyOdors, a); = roll(skins, a);
  this.color = roll(colors, a);
  this.back = roll(backs, a);
  this.wings = roll(wings, a);
  this.numArms = die(6) * 2;
  this.arms = roll(arms, a);
  this.hands = roll(hands, a);
  this.legs = roll(legs, a);
  this.hitDice = die(8);
  this.hitPoints = 0;
  //get the hit points based on hit die
  for(i = 0; i < this.hitDice; i++){
    this.hitPoints += die(8);
  this.numAttacks = Math.ceil(this.numArms/2);
  //get damage range: min-max
  this.minDamage = 1;
  this.damage = die(8)+2;
  //make sure that it works for dice
  if(this.damage%2 != 0 && this.damage>3){
  this.armorClass = die(10);
  this.canFly = false;
    this.canFly = true;
    this.wings = "vestigial "+this.wings;
  //check for specials from attributes
  this.specials = "";
    this.specials+="Tail attack: 2-7 damage + poison; ";
    this.numAttacks+= " +1 by tail";
  if(this.headAdornment == "horns" || this.headAdornment=="antlers"){
    this.specials+="Gore attack: 1-8 damage; ";
    this.numAttacks+=" +1 by gore";
  if(this.mouth == "fanged" || this.mouth=="mandibled"){
    this.specials+="Bite: "+this.numMouths+"-"+(3+this.numMouths)+" damage; ";
    this.numAttacks+=" +1 by bite; ";
    this.specials+="Tusk attack: "+this.numMouths+"-"+(5+this.numMouths)+" damage; ";
    this.numAttacks+=" +1 by tusks";
  //add special attacks
  this.specialAttacks = roll(specialAttacks, a, die(3)-1);
  this.specials += this.specialAttacks+"; ";
  //add special defenses
  this.specialDefenses = roll(specialDefenses, a, die(4)-1);
  this.specials += this.specialDefenses+"; ";
  this.move = 10 + die(10);
    this.move+="; Fly: "+(this.move+die(10)+2);
  this.str = die(6)+14;
  //add to demons array
  //output the results
//function to get results for demon output
Demon.prototype.getResults = function(){
  //get the number from the array
  var num = demons.indexOf(this)+1;
  //initialize the output
  var output = $("<div class='demon'></div>"); 
  //add the title
  output.append('<h3>Demon '+ num + '</h3>');
  //begin list for stats
  var list = output.append("<ul></ul>");
  //add the stats
  list.append("<li><span>No. Appearing:</span> "+die(8)+"</li>");
  list.append("<li><span>Hit Dice:</span> "+this.hitDice+" ("+this.hitPoints+" hit points)</li>");
  list.append("<li><span>Armor Class:</span> "+ (11+this.armorClass) +" (" + (9 - this.armorClass) + ")</li>");
  list.append("<li><span>No Attacks:</span> "+this.numAttacks+"</li>");
  list.append("<li><span>Damage:</span> "+this.minDamage+"-"+this.damage+"</li>");
  list.append("<li><span>Special:</span> "+this.specials+"</li>");
  list.append("<li><span>Move:</span> "+this.move+"</li>");
  list.append("<li><span>Strength:</span> "+this.str+"</li>");
  //some formatting for language
  var mouth = "mouth";;
    mouth = "mouths";
  var covering = " a horrible mockery of nature";
  if(this.headAdornment != "none"){
    covering = " covered with "+this.headAdornment+"";
  //set the description paragraph
  var description = "<p>A "+this.visage+" creature whose "+this.head+" head is "+covering+". It has "+this.ears+" ears, "+this.numEyes+" "+this.eyes+" eyes, a "+this.nose+" nose, and "+this.numMouths+" "+this.mouth+" "+mouth+". Its "+this.characteristics+" "+ this.torso+" torso is covered in " +this.bodyOdor+"-smelling "+this.color+" "" skin. Its grotesque "+this.back+" back is met by "+this.wings+" wings and extends down to a horrible "+this.tail+" tail. The beast has "+this.numArms+" "+this.arms+" arms, each of which end in "+this.hands+" hands and it stands upon "+die(4)+" pair(s) of "+this.legs+" legs.</p>"
  //add description to output
  //add output to the page
  //jquery calls here
function to generate demons
function makeDemon(){
  //get the value from the select box for number to make
  var numDemons = parseInt(document.getElementById('number').value);
  //make all of them
  for(var l=0; l < numDemons; l++){
    new Demon();
function to change text on button
function changeText(){
   var numDemons = parseInt(document.getElementById('number').value);
     text = "New Demons";
     text = "New Demon";
   document.getElementById('button').innerHTML = text;