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Changed up an old pen I had to make parralax scrolling terrain. Thanks to @yutt for the awesome color choices!


  1. This is awesome.. I feel like I'm riding in a train watching the world go by -- I want Canvas screensavers like yesterday.

  2. @chrischambers You are going to force my hand.. I started working on something and almost had it done a few months ago.. maybe Ill go back to it. Screen savers have been near and dear to my heart for a while http://loktar.com site is terrible outdated but I used to make screen savers almost exclusively :P

  3. :D:D:D:D:D:D awesome!

  4. Absolutely love it!

  5. Beautiful... perfect for a game background.

  6. Great work :)

  7. Absolutly stunning! * Retroflash * Reminds me on the ol' good times. :-D

    One point, a chilly mooded sound is really required, to support your pens AWESOMENESS!

    Viva la @bullgit! Haha. :-P

    Done I hope you can enjoy my music choice, @loktar00: http://codepen.io/0x04/pen/DGIBu

    Just a idea That thing as a music visualizer would be that forking AWESOME!!!

    My mind exploded! I just wait for the blast wave, leaving my head!

    I really would love to fork this on our bullgit github org - If you're fine with that! We old good gitches have always the credits in our minds (for sure)! :-D


    • Implement day- and night change
    • Implement correct sun- and moon cycles
    • Implement a equalizer interface
    • Implement shadowing
    • Implement light flares


    IDEA/MIND BOMB. Proudly presented by @0x04. End of transmission.


  8. @0x04 feel free to fork it :) and yeah man there are so many cool things that could be done. My attention span can be pretty short at times though so I usually just have a base idea that I implement and move on.

  9. Haha. Perfect. I will do that. When I will start (what could take a while I'm in serious family business -- nono not that the way like you, OT!), I inform you!

  10. Totally rad. Nice job.

  11. Absolutely beautiful. Has a tranquil feel to it.

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