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  - Goal: Create a float-based, responsive grid

  - Create an <article> containing block 
    with 3 children <section> elements
  - <section> elements are the .grid contexts
  - .grid elements will be parents to children
    <div> .col-1-4 positioned on the left and
    <div> .col-3-4 positioned on the right
  - each .col- will be parents to children
    <div> .module elements

  - the article needs an <h1> heading
  - each section needs an <h2> heading
  - Place an <img> inside .module inside .col-1-4;
    use placehold.it
  - Place placeholder text inside .module
    inside .col-3-4
  - Create at least one link with a hover
    pseudo-class effect
  - Create an unordered list with checkmarks
    inside one of the right-positioned .module
  - Apply background color scheme using .bg-color
    class and nth-child() to the <section>
  Using the body selector, define the default font-size to 18px.

  Typography: Define the fonts / font-size scheme of your
  headings, using the relative size rem value. Remember, em
  computes relative to the font-size defined in the containing
  block. In this case, it is the inherited 18px value from the
  body: 2em = 18px * 2 (36px).

  Use this section to also define any other personal typographic

  Hard part: Create a simple float-based responsive grid 
  (See my codepen for an example: https://codepen.io/lndgrn/pen/ojBpXW)

    > the .grid-1-4 should be 25% of the .grid container
    > the .grid-3-4 should be 75% of the .grid container
    > You will also need to use a clear-fix hack + box-sizing to make it work

  Using the nth-child pseudo-class, add some color to each of 
  the articles with the class: .bg-colors. Add any other styles 
  that you like.

  Make the images 100% width and centered in the div (hint: use 
    margin). Add any other styles that you'd like.

  Use the first-letter pseudo-element to style the first letter
    of the first paragraph in each section.

  Use the :hover pseudo-class on the anchor tags to remove the 

  Using the :before pseudo-element, replace the bullets/discs
    on the ul.checkmark list items (li). Style it accordingly.
    Hint: If you're stuck, Google it. :-)

  Use any of the other classes to do any other styling here. Or, 
    add your own, if you're so inclined.

  Bonus hotshot points to anyone who creates a <nav> with an
    inline-block ul list.


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