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              <h2>Sublime Text Cheat Sheet</h2>


<pre><code>Ctrl + Alt + [                      Navigate backwards through history
Ctrl + Alt + ]                      Navigate forwards through history
Ctrl + Alt + Shft + [               Navigate to beginning of history
Ctrl + Alt + Shft + ]               Navigate to end of history
Ctrl + Alt + Shft + M               Merge selected version with current version


<pre><code>Ctrl + B                            Build file
Ctrl + Shft + B                     Test file

Ctrl + Shft + P                     Open command palette

Ctrl + S                            Save file
Ctrl + Shft + S                     Save file as


<pre><code>Ctrl + Alt + Shft + C,  G, F, M     Open Github Flavored Markdown cheat-sheet
Ctrl + Alt + Shft + C,  G, I, T     Open Git cheat-sheet
Ctrl + Alt + Shft + C,  G, O        Open Go cheat-sheet
Ctrl + Alt + Shft + C,  K, D, E     Open KDE cheat-sheet
Ctrl + Alt + Shft + C,  M, D        Open Markdown cheat-sheet
Ctrl + Alt + Shft + C,  R, X        Open Regular Expressions cheat-sheet
Ctrl + Alt + Shft + C,  S, H        Open Bash cheat-sheet
Ctrl + Alt + Shft + C,  S, T        Open Sublime Text cheat-sheet

Alt  + ;                            Align table with Regular Expressions
Ctrl + Alt + J                      Align JSON formatting

Text Editing

<pre><code>Ctrl + C                            Copy selection or whole line
Ctrl + V                            Paste and indent
Ctrl + X                            Cut selection or whole line

Ctrl + Shft + F                     Replace in multiple files
Ctrl + Shft + D                     Duplicate line
Ctrl + J                            Join next line with current line
Ctrl + K    + K                     Delete to the end of line
Ctrl + K    + Bksp                  Delete to start of line
Ctrl + Shft + K                     Delete line
Ctrl + T                            Transpose letters adjacent to cursor
Ctrl + Shft + U                     Soft undo
Ctrl + Shft + Y                     Redo
Ctrl + Shft + Z                     Undo
Ctrl + [                            Increase tab
Ctrl + ]                            Decrease tab
Ctrl + Shft + /                     Toggle comments on selected lines
Ctrl + Entr                         Insert line after
Ctrl + Shft + Entr                  Insert line before
Ctrl + Shft + Up                    Move line up
Ctrl + Shft + Down                  Move line down
Ctrl + Bksp                         Delete to beginning of word
Ctrl + Del                          Delete to end of word

Text Navigation

<pre><code>Ctrl + F                            Find in file
Ctrl + F3                           Find next
Ctrl + Shft + F3                    Find previous
Ctrl + F,     Alt  + C              Toggle case sensitivity in Find
Ctrl + F,     Alt  + R              Toggle RegEx in Find
Ctrl + F,     Alt  + W              Toggle whole word matching in Find
Ctrl + Shft + F                     Find in files

Ctrl + H                            Replace in file
Ctrl + H,     Alt  + A              Toggle preserve case in Replace

Ctrl + K + C                        Move to cursor
Ctrl + K + 1-9                      Fold to level 1-9
Ctrl + K + J                        Unfold all
Ctrl + M                            Jump to matching bracket
Home                                Move cursor to beginning of line.
End                                 Move cursor to end of line.

Ctrl + P                            Go to anything
Ctrl + G                            Go to line number
Ctrl + R                            Go to function
Ctrl + ;                            Go to word

Ctrl + Shft + P                     Open command pallette

F5                                  Next bookmark
Shft + F5                           Previous bookmark
Ctrl + F5                           Toggle bookmark
Alt  + F5                           Select all bookmarks
Ctrl + Shft + F5                    Clear all bookmarks

Ctrl + Shft + [                     Fold code
Ctrl + Shft + ]                     Unfold code

Text Selection

<pre><code>Ctrl + A                            Select all
Ctrl + D                            Repeat multi-­select word
Alt  + D                            Select all instances of word
Ctrl + Shft + J                     Expand selection to indentation
Ctrl + K                            Skip multi-­select word
Ctrl + L                            Select current line
Ctrl + Shft + M                     Select everything within the current brackets
Ctrl + Shft + U                     Undo selection and actions
Ctrl + Shft + Spce                  Expand selection to scope
Ctrl + Clck                         Make multiple selections with mouse

Window Navigation

<pre><code class="&gt;">Ctrl + K + B                        Toggle side-bar
Ctrl + K + M                        Toggle mini-map
Ctrl + N                            Open new tab
Ctrl + Shft + N                     Open new window
Ctrl + Alt + P                      Switch to recent project

Alt  + Shft + 1                     Switch to 1 column and 1 row layout
Alt  + Shft + 2                     Switch to 2 column layout
Alt  + Shft + 3                     Switch to 3 column layout
Alt  + Shft + 4                     Switch to 4 column layout
Alt  + Shft + 5                     Switch to 2 column and 2 row layout
Alt  + Shft + 8                     Switch to 2 row layout
Alt  + Shft + 9                     Switch to 3 row layout

Ctrl + Shft + 1                     Focus on group 1
Ctrl + Shft + 2                     Focus on group 2
Ctrl + Shft + 3                     Focus on group 3
Ctrl + Shft + 4                     Focus on group 4

Ctrl + Tab                          Switch to the next tab
Ctrl + Shft + Tab                   Switch to the previous tab

Shft + F11                          Distra­ction free mode
              $white: #FFF;
$blue: #47B29D;
$darkBlue: #344E5D;
$darkOrange: #F05549;

body {
    padding: 20px;
    color: $white;
    background-color: $darkBlue;

h2 {
    color: $blue;

blockquote {
    margin: 20px 0;
    padding: 20px;
    background-color: $darkOrange;
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