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A vanilla.js canvas confetti animation. Move the mouse to change direction.


  1. love it! but it's a little too fast.. would be awesome if it was a bit slower..

  2. Thank you both! I made it a bit slower.

  3. Awesome, work ;) Hehe, would be sweet to have on a site counting down to an event. If your on the site while the time changes over, the confetti starts to rain down. Very cool dude.

  4. Thanks, Jack! :)

  5. PI_2 = 0.6*Math.PI :D

  6. What part of the code can I adjust to slow down the speed?

  7. how i remove webgl related problem for this script ?????

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  10. Hey great pen! I've spend last 20 min trying to figure out how to swap out circles into small rectangles, but had no luck. Pretty sure I have to edit drawCircle, tried swaping .arc.. to .rect(20, 20, 20, 30) but that causes weird effect with just one rectangle

  11. Loving this man! But can you please help me in applying this on multiple canvases on the same page? It seems it's only for 1 canvas element. A little help? Thanks man.

  12. Is it OK if we use this wonderful confetti on our site? With credit of course!

  13. @dougw sure, go for it!

  14. Thank you... Sign up at http://withcopper.com and you'll see the confetti with credit!!

  15. @bsebastian86 you could either try using multiple iframes, or update the Confetti class to accept context as an argument and use a Confetti instance for each canvas on the page

  16. Alexis @AlexisTheGreek on

    I love this! Saw it on the Creative Mornings website and had to track it down. Is it possible to add this to a Squarespace website? And how would you want to be credited?

  17. @AlexisTheGreek sure, go for it! a link or comment about the codepen would be great

  18. Anyone figured out how to make these bad boys rect?

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