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  1. Kinda sorta solved it with sibling combinators..

    Positioning the <del> is troublesome though.

  2. @cobra_winfrey Thanks for the fork, and taking up my challenge within a challenge :)

    Interesting and clever approach 👏. I'm sure I don't need to tell you there are some drawbacks though (e.g. 97*2 unused selectors).

    I think correct positioning might just be impossible without wrapping divs or JS. So the best approach might be more like this: https://codepen.io/liamj/pen/xjYMZj/

    This is also a little more accessible I guess as it doesn't rely on hover.

  3. @liamj yeah I went a little nuts on those selectors just to cover perhaps an entire paragraph or two :)

    I really don't think there's an efficient way to handle this without wrapping or js either because sibling combinators can't really adequetely fetch positioning.

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