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                h1 Collapse/Accordion 套件


h2 Default Set, click the title and the content slideUp/slideDown
dl.modules-collapse title1
  dd content1
  dt title2
  dd content2
  dt title3
  dd content3


h2 Add 「class="-keep"」, keep before content slideDown
dl.modules-collapse.-keep title4
  dd content4
  dt title5
  dd content5
  dt title6
  dd content6



                @import compass/reset
@import compass

// body、h1、h2、content color set
$font-color: rgba(#263238, .87) !default

// collpase/accordion color set
$collapse-border: 1px solid #607D8B !default
$collapse-title-bg: #CFD8DC !default
$collapse-title-bg-active: #607D8B !default
$collapse-title-color-active: rgba(white, .87) !default
$collapse-content-bg: #FFF !default

// transition default
  +transition(.5s cubic-bezier(.3, .1, .05, 1))

// default padding: 16px
  padding: 16px

// base set
*, *::before, *::after

  @extend %padding
  background-color: #ECEFF1
  font-family: \5FAE\8EDF\6B63\9ED1\9AD4, Microsoft JhengHei, MingLiU, sans-serif

  text-align: center
  color: $font-color

  padding-bottom: 4px
  color: $font-color

  margin: 11px 2rem 12px
  border: 0
  border-top: 1px solid lighten(#555 ,46)

// collapse/accordion set
  background-color: #ECEFF1
  // title set
  > dt
    position: relative
    z-index: 1
    @extend %padding
    overflow: hidden
    background-color: $collapse-title-bg
    border: $collapse-border
    color: $font-color
    cursor: pointer
    @extend %trnasition-default
    // 背景色特效 bg transform
      content: ""
      position: absolute
      // 清掉border帶來的1px,所以是-1px
      top: -1px
      right: -1px
      bottom: -1px
      left: -1px
      z-index: -1
      background-color: $collapse-title-bg-active
      +transform-origin(0, 0)
      @extend %trnasition-default
    // 「+」符號
      font-family: "FontAwesome"
      content: "\f067"
      position: absolute
      right: 16px
  // hover transform
  > dt:hover
      content: "\f1ce"
      +animation(fa-spin 2s infinite linear)
  // .active set
    color: $collapse-title-color-active
    // 背景色特效
    // 「-」符號
      content: "\f068"
  // content set
  > dd
    display: none
    @extend %padding
    background-color: $collapse-content-bg
    border: $collapse-border
    color: $font-color
  // 頭跟尾的圓角 top & bottom border-radius
  > dt:first-child
    &, &:hover, &::before
  > dd:last-child


                $(function() {
  var $title = $('.modules-collapse > dt');
  var $content = $('.modules-collapse >').next('dd');
  $ {
    // 讓每一組collapse都可以分開使用
    var $modulesTitle = $(this).closest('.modules-collapse');
    // 設定共同展開速度
    var slideSpeed = 500;
    // .-keep的設定
    if($modulesTitle.hasClass('-keep')) {
      if($(this).hasClass('active')) {
      else {
    // not .-keep的設定
    else {
      // 若原本已經是展開的,則收闔
      if($(this).hasClass('active')) {
      else {

        // 被點擊到的展開