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  1. great! could you add some description?

  2. I still don't get it. :P xD I mean.. I can't visualize the filter in my head (I've never played with SVG filters). It would be cool to show how the element initially is, how/what the effect does.

  3. @Hornebom Oh it wasn't supposed to be published yet! But thanks, and I will.

  4. @SaraSoueidan I am writing an article explaining how the effect works, it will be published soon!

  5. @lbebber Awesome!! Really love this effect. @SaraSoueidan This article explains it pretty well :) http://css-tricks.com/shape-blobbing-css/

  6. This is AMAZING.

  7. That is so cool

  8. You may check this JS version: http://codepen.io/Omelyan/pen/wMWbRV When using JS to generate metaballs it gives you some advantages (e.g. you can add strokes or get more precise shape).

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