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Squiggly text experiment with SVG Filters


  1. @chriscoyier hahaha oh man, Dr. Katz was great

  2. Reminds me of the text on the menu screen for Don't Starve, really awesome!

  3. feTurbulence ftw .. nice one!

  4. This became a lag-fest for me. Not sure if it was Chrome specifically or just my GPU being poopy haha.

  5. @roblevin actually the main star here is feDisplacement! and thanks!

  6. @ryanmcnz hahah depends on your browser, OS and GPU. This is an experiment though, not meant to be used in the real world yet.

  7. Tested in Fx 36... not working. ;)

  8. Nice job on codrops!

  9. Brilliant!

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