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Pure css hipster-ish typographic dashed shadow


  1. Nice idea. But you should look better into your code. "pt" is not for displays.

  2. In case you're wondering where all the views are coming from (aside from being featured on the homepage): https://www.facebook.com/smashmag/posts/10152013824707490

  3. @qbahamutp It hit hacker news too! pretty cool. Great work @lbebber

  4. @qbahamutp Hey thanks man, I really was wondering, hahah @chriscoyier Thanks dude :D

  5. Animation on hover does not work in IE10. Requires a fix: .dashed-shadow:hover {} /* fix IE10 bug */ See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16015371/why-does-ie10-require-the-presence-of-a-phover-rule-for-transitions-to-work for details

  6. @Luch Hey thanks! I didn't know about that, very useful!

  7. Love this. Is there any way to solve the resize issue that causes the lines to jump down because of the positioning? To see what I mean, resize down till the text touches the window edge, and the stripes will jump down a line before the solid text does.

  8. @jessewallace Hey, thanks for pointing it out! There is probably a way for fixing that, I'm going to try when I have more spare time! (or in case anyone wants to try and fix that, be my guest!)

  9. This is excellent. Took me a couple minutes of inspecting to wrap my head around it. Good work, @lbebber .

  10. @kbav Hahah thanks! It's a little bit tricky but kinda simple in the end!

  11. Say, do you know how to implement this on a background image? It's a lovely technique. :)

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