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              <div class="wrapper">
     <h1>Random Quote Generator</h1>
         <li>Feeling down?</li>
         <li>Need some motivation?</li>
         <li>Want some guidance?</li>
     <div id="quoteBox">
         <p id="quoteText"></p>
     <div class="wrapper">
       <button id="quoteBtn"><i class="fas fa-quote-left"></i> Quote</button>
       <button id="tweetBtn"><i class="fab fa-twitter"></i> Tweet</button>

              @import url('');

$mainBG: #C6A700;
$wrapperBG: #FFFF6B;
$textColor: #000000;
$borderStyle: 2px dashed fff176; 

body {
  background-color: $mainBG;
  margin: 20px;
  font-family: 'Noto Sans', sans-serif;

h1 {
  border: $borderStyle;
  text-align: center;
  background-color: $headerBG;
  padding: 5px;

ul {
 list-style-type: square;
 list-style-position: inside;

#quoteBox {
   display: none;

#quoteText {
  border: $borderStyle;

.wrapper {
   text-align: center;
   margin: 50px;
   background-color: $wrapperBG;

#tweetBtn {
  text-transform: uppercase;
  padding: 20px;
  margin-bottom: 20px;
  background-color: $mainBG

#quoteBtn {
   text-transform: uppercase;
   padding: 20px;
   margin-bottom: 20px;
   background-color: $headerBG;
              // try animations
// figure out an appropriate way to change colors
// implement sass fully to minimize css reworks
var quotes = ["Power isn't determined by your size, but the size of your heart and dreams! ~ Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)",
              "Time to get serious ~ Megaman X (Megaman X4)",
              "Jack in, MegaMan.EXE, Transmit! ~ Lan (Megaman Battle Network)",
              "Deceive your other self. Deceive the world. That is what you must do to reach the Steins Gate. Good Luck. El Psy Congroo. ~ Okabe Rintarou (Steins: Gate)",
              "You want to kill me? You couldn't even kill my boredom! ~ Roronoa Zorro (One Piece)",
              "Let's don't have to worry anymore we'll find the answer, we'll do it together...let's fly, you and me. ~ Yuki (Grandia III)",
              "I... It's just... they really need me. I have to go. I am who I am... because of them. ~ Sora (Kingdom Hearts)",
              "It's over Wily! ~ Megaman (Megaman 8)",
              "It is true that you have more experience than me, but I am good. That's all you will have to explain to your lapdogs how I made you look like an idiot in front of them. Ha ha. Oh another thing, you've got no style. You can throw that in too. ~ Baki (Baki The Grappler)",
              "Power comes in response to a need, not a desire. You have to create that need. ~ Goku (Dragon Ball Z)",
              "People who perish in other's battles are worms... If one can't live their life the way they want, they might as well die. ~ Guts (Berserk)",
              "Why do I desire the touch of something that no longer exists? ~ 9S (Nier: Automata)",
              "The unsuppressed soul lets flow oceans of blood The Watchers drink and raise high the basin of fire  Mighty generals hesitate beneath a crimson sky  As the tears of a goddess flow, four lost temples forebode the coming of the queen The dragon plummets from the tower of red thunder, and where it falls no one has seen ~ Opening (Drakenguard)"

    var randNum = Math.floor(Math.random() * quotes.length);

  var quoteMMS = $('#quoteText').html();
  var link = `${quoteMMS}&hashtags=freecodecamp,randomquoteproject`;
  console.log("Links is: " + link);, "_blank")
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