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              <div class="wrap">
  <p>Below you can interact with 4 <code>span</code> elements. Spans are by default inline-level elements.</p>
  <p> Each button toggles styles on every span.</p>

  <p>Toggle the buttons to see how the different display properties behave with other vertical and horizontal CSS properties.</p>
  <br />

  <div class="row">
    <div class="column small-6 medium-4">
      <button class="button expanded secondary js-toggle-prop" data-prop="outline" data-value="1px solid skyblue">toggle visible layout</button>
      <button class="button expanded secondary js-toggle-prop" data-prop="display" data-value="inline">display: inline;</button>

      <button class="button expanded secondary js-toggle-prop" data-prop="display" data-value="block">display: block;</button>

      <button class="button expanded secondary js-toggle-prop" data-prop="display" data-value="inline-block">display: inline-block;</button>

      <hr />

      <button class="button expanded secondary js-toggle-prop" data-prop="width" data-value="100%">toggle 100% width</button>

      <button class="button expanded secondary js-toggle-prop" data-prop="padding" data-value="10px 0">toggle vertical padding</button>


    <div class="column small-6 medium-8">
      <span class="target js-target">Four.</span>
      <span class="target js-target">Adjacent.</span>
      <span class="target js-target">Spans.</span>
      <span class="target js-target">This span contains a far longer piece of text than the prevous three spans.</span>
              .wrap {
  margin-left: auto;
  margin-right: auto;
  max-width: 780px;

.button.secondary {
  &.is-active {
    background-color: skyblue;
              const toggleTargets = document.querySelectorAll('.js-target');
const propTogglers = document.querySelectorAll('.js-toggle-prop');

function propToggler({ toggleElems, targetElems }) {
  const targets = [].slice.call(targetElems);
  const togglers = [].slice.call(toggleElems);
  const activeClassName = 'is-active';

  function init() {
    togglers.map(toggle => {
      toggle.prop = toggle.getAttribute('data-prop');
      toggle.value = toggle.getAttribute('data-value');
      toggle.isActive = false;
    document.body.addEventListener('mouseup', handleClick);
  function handleClick(e) {
    const target = e.target;
    togglers.map(toggle => {
      if (target === toggle) handleToggleClick(toggle);
  function handleToggleClick(toggle) {
    const isActive = toggle.isActive;
    const prop = toggle.prop;
    const value = !toggle.isActive ? toggle.value : '';
    targets.map((el) => el.style[prop] = value );
    toggle.isActive = !isActive;
    if (toggle.isActive) addActiveClass(toggle);
  function deactivateAllByProp(prop) {
    togglers.map(toggle => {
      if (toggle.prop === prop) {
        toggle.isActive = false;
  function addActiveClass(toggle) {
  function removeActiveClass(toggle) {

  toggleElems: propTogglers,
  targetElems: toggleTargets,
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