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const unsortedArray = [1, 4, 11, 2, 5, 55, 66, 21, 43, 0];

function mergeSort(array) {

	// If there is only one element in either of
	// the left/right arrays, return the array since it
	// it can't be split, and is, presumably, sorted!

	// I was confused as to why the array returned was the
	// result object from the merge() function and not this
	// array with a length of 1, and TBQH...
	// I still don't 100% get it. I think the return from merge()
	// overrides this one, somehow?
	if (array.length === 1) {
		return array;

	// Split the array in half
	let splitHere = parseInt(array.length / 2),
			leftArray = array.slice(0, splitHere),
			rightArray = array.slice(splitHere, array.length);

	return merge(mergeSort(leftArray), mergeSort(rightArray));

function merge(leftArray, rightArray) {

	// Create an array that will hold our result
	let result = [];

	// While both of the arrays have items:
	while(leftArray.length && rightArray.length) {

		// Note that .shift() returns the first item in an array
		// and _removes_ it from that array

		// Compare the starting items of each array
		// If the left starting item is smaller, move it to
		// the array where we are storing our result
		// otherwise, move the right starting item to result
		if (leftArray[0] <= rightArray[0]) {
		} else {

	// These while loops will execute only when the
	// above loop breaks when either left/right arrays
	// run out of items.

	// If just the left array has items left, move
	// the first one to the result
	while(leftArray.length) {

	// If just the left array has items left, move
	// the first one to the result
	while(rightArray.length) {

	// Until the array is sorted i.e. when leftArray and rightArray
	// no longer have items, the program will be caught in the
	// while loops above, but when none of those while statments
	// are true, the original array has been sorted and it can be
	// returned.

	// So, even though we are calling this function several times,
	// it doesn't makes it to the below return until the last go-round.

	// Wowza!
	return result;