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// Set up an object to hold our data
class Pair {
	constructor(key, value) {
		this.key = key;
		this.value = value;

// Class for handling the hash table and associated functions
class HashTable {
	constructor(bucketCount) {
		this.buckets = [];
		this.bucketCount = bucketCount;
		this.oneOccupant = false;
		this.manyOccupants = false;
		for(let i = 0; i < bucketCount; i++) {
	hash(key) { // Simple hash function
		let hash = 0;
		for (var i = 0; i < key.length; i++) {
			hash += key.charCodeAt(i);
		return hash % this.bucketCount;
	state(index) {
		// Set up some variables to check buckets' state
		// Determine how many existing elements are in a bucket - we need to do this to determine whether or not to turn it into an array
		return { 
			isSingle: this.buckets[index] instanceof Pair, 
			isArray: this.buckets[index] instanceof Array 
	insert(data) {
		let index = this.hash(data.key, this.bucketCount);
		if(!data.key) console.log("That's not a person");
		// First collision, create new array and add old and new occupants
		if(this.state(index).isSingle) { 
			let occupant = this.buckets[index]; // Hang onto existing occupant
			// Turn this bucket into an array (this is where you would put a linked list)
			// Then add the old occupant and new data to the array
			this.buckets[index] = []; 
			this.buckets[index].push(occupant, data); 
		// If there already was a collision, add person to array
		} else if(this.state(index).isArray) { 
		// If there are no entires in the bucket, create one
		} else { 
			this.buckets.splice(index, 1, data);
	remove(key) {
		let index = this.hash(key, this.bucketCount);
		if (!key) console.log("That's not a person");
		// If it's just a single item and not an array
		if(this.state(index).isSingle) {
			this.buckets[index] = undefined;	
		// If we need to search within an array:
		} else if(this.state(index).isArray) {
			// Adding complexity with a loop - linked list would be ideal!
			for(let i = 0; i < this.buckets[index].length; i++) {
				if(this.buckets[index][i].key === key) {
					this.buckets[index].splice(i, 1);	
	find(key) {
		let index = this.hash(key, this.bucketCount);
		if (this.buckets[index] === undefined) console.log(`${key} is nowhere to be found!`);
		// Same logic as previous two functions - account for an array, or not
		if(this.state(index).isSingle) {	
			console.log(`${key} exists in bucket number ${index}`);
		} else if(this.state(index).isArray) {
			// More complexity with a loop. Again, very ripe for linked lists!
			for(let i = 0; i < this.buckets[index].length; i++) {
				if(this.buckets[index][i].key == key) {
					console.log(`${key} exists in bucket and array number ${index} at ${i} in array`); 
	} // END find

// Set up some data of my favorite people and their fake phone numbers
const lara = new Pair("Lara", "212-126-1262"),
			allie = new Pair("Allie", "212-731-7313"),
			ben = new Pair("Ben", "212-731-7313"),
			joyce = new Pair("Joyce", "212-888-8888"),
			jimmy = new Pair("Jimmy", "212-522-2211"),
			beth = new Pair("Bethany", "212-125-3221");

// Create the table with 10 buckets
const PeopleTable = new HashTable(10);

// Add some people
// In a real thing these would be inserted dynamically

// Remove some people

// Find some people
PeopleTable.find("Joyce"); // But she's been removed!

// Log the array for fun