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              <div class="container">

	<span class="js-typed-src">
		<h1 class="page-title">Hey, this is typed using <a href="https://github.com/mattboldt/typed.js/">Typed.js</a>!</h1>
	<span class="js-typed"></span>

	<span class="js-typed-src">
		<h2>I wanted to type out an entire page of text rather than a single line which is how it is usually used.</h2>
	<span class="js-typed"></span>

	<span class="js-typed-src" data-speed="20">
		<p>I figured out a way to cycle through an array of elements and apply a new Typed instance to each one using a recursive function. This section is typed faster because of a data attribute used to apply a different typing speed per section.</p>
		<img class="page-image" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-DT6OM3ShPZk/VGmsJb1hCkI/AAAAAAAARm0/JxQao_QFhGs/s1600/caloria.jpg">
		<p>You'll notice there are a few paragraph tags in this section, and even an image! The plugin is moving through all of this text and doesn't care about the markup.</p>
		<p>All of the text already exists in an element with the class <code>.js-typed-src</code> that is visually hidden. Then, there is an empty <code>&lt;span></code> below each with the class <code>.js-typed</code>. The plugin retrieves the HTML from the aforementioned <code>.js-typed-src</code> element and types it into the empty <code>span.js-typed</code>. This flow could probably be improved, plus it <em>may</em> read twice for screen readers &dash; I still have to test that.</p>
	<span class="js-typed"></span>
	<span class="js-typed-src">
		<p>Anyhow, I'm finally learning JavaScript...for real this time!</p>
	<span class="js-typed"></span>

              * {
	box-sizing: border-box;

body {
	line-height: 1.4;
	font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol";

a {
	color: skyblue;
	text-decoration: none;
	&:hover {
		color: lightslategray;

img {
	max-width: 100%;
	height: auto;

// Hidden for accessibility
.js-typed-src {
	opacity: 0;
	position: absolute;
	left: -99999px;

.container {
	max-width: 600px;
	margin: 2rem auto;
	padding: 1rem;

.page-title {
	margin-top: 0;

.page-image {
	display: block;
	margin: 1rem auto;
              // Get an array of all elements to be typed.
const TYPED_SRCS = document.querySelectorAll('.js-typed-src');
const TYPED_ELS = document.querySelectorAll('.js-typed');
const TYPE_SPEED = 40,
			SHOW_CURSOR = false;

var options = {
	elIndex: 0,
	strings: [TYPED_SRCS[0].innerHTML],
	typeSpeed: TYPE_SPEED,
	showCursor: SHOW_CURSOR,
	onComplete: () => {

// Start the typing elements, starting with index 0
var typed = new Typed(TYPED_ELS[0], options);

// Function to type next item in typedEls array
function typeNextInArray() {

	// Move through the array
	let newIndex = options.elIndex;
	let currentEl = TYPED_SRCS[newIndex];

	// Allow for data attributes to provide some settings
	let newTypeSpeed = "speed" in currentEl.dataset ? +currentEl.dataset.speed : TYPE_SPEED;
	// More options could be added to / retrieved via data attributes here!

	// New options set
	let newOptions = {
		elIndex: newIndex,
		startDelay: 500,
		strings: [TYPED_SRCS[newIndex].innerHTML],
		typeSpeed: newTypeSpeed,
		showCursor: SHOW_CURSOR,
		onComplete: () => {
			if (newIndex + 1 <= TYPED_ELS.length - 1) {
				return typeNextInArray();
			} else {

	let typed = new Typed(TYPED_ELS[newIndex], newOptions);
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