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                <h1>Shorten any string to a specific character amount rounded down to the nearest word.</h1>
<p>Enter a string into the prompt the first alert will show you where it will cut for the ammount of characters you choose second alert will show it trimmed to the nearest word.</p>

<button id="clickMe" value="clickme" onclick="input();">Click here to begin</button>




                var input = function() {
  var yourString = prompt("enter your string here");

var maxLength = 15 // maximum number of characters to extract

//This if statement forces the trimmedString to only trigger once if a space is your maximum number of characters allowed rather than losing an extra word that would have fit.
if (yourString[maxLength] !== " ") {

//trim the string to the maximum length
var trimmedString = yourString.substr(0, maxLength);


//re-trim if we are in the middle of a word
trimmedString = trimmedString.substr(0, Math.min(trimmedString.length, trimmedString.lastIndexOf(" ")))

else {
  var trimmedString = yourString.substr(0, maxLength);