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			<div id="react-chart">Just a moment!</div>		</center>
<script type="text/jsx">
			FusionCharts.ready(function () {
    var weatherData = {
      "chart": {
        // caption options
        "caption": "Weather in Chicago",
        "captionFontBold": "0",
        "captionFontSize": "23",
        "captionPadding": "20",
        // sub-caption options
        "subcaption": "Variation of mean temperature in last year",
        "subCaptionFontSize": "17",
        "subCaptionFontBold": "0",
        // other chart options
        "pYAxisName": "Celsius",
        "sYAxisName": "Farhenheit",
        "pYAxisNameFontBold": "0",
        "sYAxisNameFontBold": "0",
        "pYAxisNameFontSize": "15.5",
        "sYAxisNameFontSize": "15.5",
        "compactDataMode": "1",
        "pixelsPerPoint": "0",
        "numberSuffix": "°C",
        "snumberSuffix": "°F",
        "dataSeparator": "|",
        "lineThickness": "1.73",
        "canvasBgColor": "#ff9b99,#ffda99,#fffec9,#c4f1f7,#9ec0d9",
        "canvasBgRatio": "10",
        "canvasBgAngle": "90",
        "canvasBgAlpha": "100",
        "numdivlines": "5",
        "pYAxisMaxValue": "40",
        "pYAxisMinValue": "-20",
        "sYAxisMaxValue": "104",
        "sYAxisMinValue": "-4",
        "baseFontSize": "13",
        "outCnvBaseFontSize": "13",
        "divLineThickness": "0.25",
        "divLineColor": "#808184",
        "divLineAlpha": "90",
        "divLineDashed": "0",
        "scrollHeight": "9",
        "scrollColor": "#D0D2D3",
        "theme": "zune"
      "categories": [{
        "fontColor": "#ff0000",
        "category": "Jan 01|Jan 02|Jan 03|Jan 04|Jan 05|Jan 06|Jan 07|Jan 08|Jan 09|Jan 10|Jan 11|Jan 12|Jan 13|Jan 14|Jan 15|Jan 16|Jan 17|Jan 18|Jan 19|Jan 20|Jan 21|Jan 22|Jan 23|Jan 24|Jan 25|Jan 26|Jan 27|Jan 28|Jan 29|Jan 30|Jan 31|Feb 01|Feb 02|Feb 03|Feb 04|Feb 05|Feb 06|Feb 07|Feb 08|Feb 09|Feb 10|Feb 11|Feb 12|Feb 13|Feb 14|Feb 15|Feb 16|Feb 17|Feb 18|Feb 19|Feb 20|Feb 21|Feb 22|Feb 23|Feb 24|Feb 25|Feb 26|Feb 27|Feb 28|Mar 01|Mar 02|Mar 03|Mar 04|Mar 05|Mar 06|Mar 07|Mar 08|Mar 09|Mar 10|Mar 11|Mar 12|Mar 13|Mar 14|Mar 15|Mar 16|Mar 17|Mar 18|Mar 19|Mar 20|Mar 21|Mar 22|Mar 23|Mar 24|Mar 25|Mar 26|Mar 27|Mar 28|Mar 29|Mar 30|Mar 31|Apr 01|Apr 02|Apr 03|Apr 04|Apr 05|Apr 06|Apr 07|Apr 08|Apr 09|Apr 10|Apr 11|Apr 12|Apr 13|Apr 14|Apr 15|Apr 16|Apr 17|Apr 18|Apr 19|Apr 20|Apr 21|Apr 22|Apr 23|Apr 24|Apr 25|Apr 26|Apr 27|Apr 28|Apr 29|Apr 30|May 01|May 02|May 03|May 04|May 05|May 06|May 07|May 08|May 09|May 10|May 11|May 12|May 13|May 14|May 15|May 16|May 17|May 18|May 19|May 20|May 21|May 22|May 23|May 24|May 25|May 26|May 27|May 28|May 29|May 30|May 31|Jun 01|Jun 02|Jun 03|Jun 04|Jun 05|Jun 06|Jun 07|Jun 08|Jun 09|Jun 10|Jun 11|Jun 12|Jun 13|Jun 14|Jun 15|Jun 16|Jun 17|Jun 18|Jun 19|Jun 20|Jun 21|Jun 22|Jun 23|Jun 24|Jun 25|Jun 26|Jun 27|Jun 28|Jun 29|Jun 30|Jul 01|Jul 02|Jul 03|Jul 04|Jul 05|Jul 06|Jul 07|Jul 08|Jul 09|Jul 10|Jul 11|Jul 12|Jul 13|Jul 14|Jul 15|Jul 16|Jul 17|Jul 18|Jul 19|Jul 20|Jul 21|Jul 22|Jul 23|Jul 24|Jul 25|Jul 26|Jul 27|Jul 28|Jul 29|Jul 30|Jul 31|Aug 01|Aug 02|Aug 03|Aug 04|Aug 05|Aug 06|Aug 07|Aug 08|Aug 09|Aug 10|Aug 11|Aug 12|Aug 13|Aug 14|Aug 15|Aug 16|Aug 17|Aug 18|Aug 19|Aug 20|Aug 21|Aug 22|Aug 23|Aug 24|Aug 25|Aug 26|Aug 27|Aug 28|Aug 29|Aug 30|Aug 31|Sep 01|Sep 02|Sep 03|Sep 04|Sep 05|Sep 06|Sep 07|Sep 08|Sep 09|Sep 10|Sep 11|Sep 12|Sep 13|Sep 14|Sep 15|Sep 16|Sep 17|Sep 18|Sep 19|Sep 20|Sep 21|Sep 22|Sep 23|Sep 24|Sep 25|Sep 26|Sep 27|Sep 28|Sep 29|Sep 30|Oct 01|Oct 02|Oct 03|Oct 04|Oct 05|Oct 06|Oct 07|Oct 08|Oct 09|Oct 10|Oct 11|Oct 12|Oct 13|Oct 14|Oct 15|Oct 16|Oct 17|Oct 18|Oct 19|Oct 20|Oct 21|Oct 22|Oct 23|Oct 24|Oct 25|Oct 26|Oct 27|Oct 28|Oct 29|Oct 30|Oct 31|Nov 01|Nov 02|Nov 03|Nov 04|Nov 05|Nov 06|Nov 07|Nov 08|Nov 09|Nov 10|Nov 11|Nov 12|Nov 13|Nov 14|Nov 15|Nov 16|Nov 17|Nov 18|Nov 19|Nov 20|Nov 21|Nov 22|Nov 23|Nov 24|Nov 25|Nov 26|Nov 27|Nov 28|Nov 29|Nov 30|Dec 01|Dec 02|Dec 03|Dec 04|Dec 05|Dec 06|Dec 07|Dec 08|Dec 09|Dec 10|Dec 11|Dec 12|Dec 13|Dec 14|Dec 15|Dec 16|Dec 17|Dec 18|Dec 19|Dec 20|Dec 21|Dec 22|Dec 23|Dec 24|Dec 25|Dec 26|Dec 27|Dec 28|Dec 29|Dec 30|Dec 31"
      "dataset": [{
        "color": "666666",
        "data": "-4|-2|1|-6|-15|-13|-17|-14|-12|-11|-1|-4|-8|-11|-3|-2|3|3|2|3|1|0|0|4|0|-4|-2|-1|2|-2|-1|-3|-9|-7|-6|-12|-4|2|3|-2|-2|-1|-9|-8|-8|-13|-10|-8|-14|-17|-12|-3|-7|-13|-7|-6|-9|-13|-11|-5|-4|0|-4|-10|-8|2|3|4|8|7|8|12|11|9|15|3|4|8|8|6|1|-1|1|5|4|-1|-2|4|11|9|14|15|7|8|14|12|7|9|16|12|11|15|16|14|13|13|18|15|16|10|10|6|7|9|7|9|10|9|12|8|12|19|22|19|13|19|22|24|14|12|16|12|9|14|21|24|23|25|19|15|9|8|15|15|20|21|24|23|22|22|26|15|11|13|14|19|22|18|18|22|24|23|28|22|19|23|26|25|19|18|22|17|21|26|26|23|23|23|19|20|21|22|22|17|18|21|23|24|27|19|18|20|23|23|24|26|23|21|22|29|29|27|26|24|24|25|26|28|25|27|29|28|27|27|26|28|25|26|25|26|24|22|25|27|27|28|27|25|22|21|22|24|22|19|20|17|19|21|22|22|24|28|28|29|27|27|29|29|26|21|20|17|16|16|21|24|23|25|23|18|17|18|21|22|21|21|21|22|23|19|15|14|14|11|13|15|17|18|19|14|13|19|19|14|13|16|9|7|9|16|19|20|16|16|16|12|11|12|9|6|8,|10|13|17|17|17|19|13|8|7|8|9|12|11|6|7|13|12|13|14|7|3|-2|-6|1|4|2|8|13|9|3|3|6|6|2|1|5|3|4|3|7|9|11|10|13|15|12|7|7|1|-1|-4|4|9|5|11|4|5|6|4|3|2|-1|-3|-2"
      }, {
        "parentYAxis": "S",

		var weatherChartConfigs = {
  renderAt: "react-chart",
  type: "zoomlinedy",
  width: "100%",
  height: "500",
  dataFormat: "json",
  dataSource: weatherData

    React.render( < react_fc.FusionCharts {...weatherChartConfigs}/>, document.getElementById('react-chart'));