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              <!-- example6 多物体同时运动 -->
    <div class="example" id="example6">
        <div id="div6">


               * {
   margin: 0;
   padding: 0;
 #div6 li {
   border: 2px solid black;
   list-style: none;
   position: relative;
   background-color: yellow;
   width: 150px;
   height: 50px;
   margin-bottom: 10px;
   opacity: 1;


              window.onload = function() {
  var oDiv6 = document.getElementById('div6');
  var oLiList6 = oDiv6.getElementsByTagName('li');

  var json = {'width':200,'height':150,'opacity':20};
  var json_r = {'opacity':100,'height':50,'width':150,};
  for (var i = 0; i < oLiList6.length; i++) {
    oLiList6[i].onmouseover = function(){
    oLiList6[i].onmouseout = function(){

var timer,oAttr;
function startAnimate(obj, json, fn) {
  // 简单的深拷贝一份 json 数据
  var jsonTmp = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(json));
  obj.timer = setInterval(function() {
    // 添加不同的动画效果 attr 即每个属性,json[attr] 即属性值
    for (var attr in json) {
    // 判断属性是否为透明度,若为透明度不需要进行字符串转型

    if (attr == 'opacity') {
      // 此处未考虑 IE9 之前的兼容
      oAttr = getStyle(obj,attr) * 100;
    } else {
      oAttr = parseInt(getStyle(obj, attr));
    var speed = (json[attr] - oAttr) * 0.1;
    speed = speed > 0 ? Math.ceil(speed) : Math.floor(speed);
    if (json[attr] == oAttr) {
      delete jsonTmp[attr];
      var jsonLenght = 0;
      for (var attr in jsonTmp) {
      if (jsonLenght == 0) {
        if (fn) fn();
    } else {
      // 如果属性为透明度,需要和其他属性区别
      if (attr == 'opacity') { = (oAttr + speed)/100;
      } else {[attr] = oAttr + speed + 'px';
}, 30);

function getStyle(obj, attr) {
  if (obj.currentStyle) {
    // IE 浏览器
    return obj.currentStyle[attr];
  } else {
    // Firefox、Chrome
    return getComputedStyle(obj, false)[attr];