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Secret UI Project is prototype mockups created by Anton Aheichanka that has been converted into web version. Here is the original link of Website & Dribbble


  1. This is so amazing!

  2. Very impressive, kudos.

  3. Great Job <3

  4. Stunning design using Material design. I'm downloading it and learning it. Really great work.

  5. This looks absolutely fantastic, except for one detail - dark overlay appearence effect when you opening left menu. I think you should apply transform-origin 100% 50% and scaleX(0), so this overlay will appear from right to left. Here you can see what I'm talking about - http://codepen.io/suez/pen/eNGorB

  6. Thank you for your suggestion @suez :)

  7. roman @romanarrieta on

    is amazing!!!

    Question...... How is it done to see full screen without the background?

  8. @romanarrieta html,body,.mobile-wrap{height:100%;width:100%} it should work as full screen.

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