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  1. This is the cleanest and simplest-to-implement 'mega menu' I've seen yet. However, I'm not a code expert, so I wonder if there's a simple way to replace the h3 placeholders for Category with something that won't upset various SEO recommendations.

  2. @focus11 you could totally just use a paragraph with a class name, such as .nav-category or something like that.

  3. @focus11 Using a paragraph with a class name definitely works as a replacement for h3 !

  4. @kevinpowell The menu works great on my site http://mindbluff.com/#abbd I was wondering if there's a way to put little downward arrows next to each topic (you have them listed here as Tab01, Tab02, etc) on the container box. Also: If you're interested, I could link to you on my Links page.

  5. @focus11 that's awesome, thanks for sharing! You could just add this character in after the text :) ▼ If you need the unicode:http://unicode.scarfboy.com/?s=U%2B25BC

  6. @kevinpowell Thanks Kevin! I'm still fine-tuning the overall display. I have linked to you on my Links page :-)

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