My departure

I've had a great run here at Vodori. I've been here for a year and change. My role evolved from "markup producer" to nearly full-fledged "front-end developer". I even tried my hand at project management (thank you Scott giving me a chance)!

However, the universe was giving me chances that I would regret passing up.

I've learned a lot

To say I've learned a lot while working here would be a gross understatement. Through my project work, consulting others, and being consulted, I've greatly grown my skills in:

  • Javasript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Git
  • Atlassian Product Suite
  • Agile Methodology
  • Cross Browser Optimization
  • Graceful degradation
  • Mobile Device Optimization

Cultural Fit

In addition to the universe revealing some opportunities, I also realized that I'm not a good fit for the Vodori culture. I'm extremely introverted, and working in an open floor plan with mostly extroverts, day-in and day-out was very taxing and (clearly) not sustainable.

Also, front-end development is not my life. I love it, research it, and work in it everyday. But I also love music. I needed to find a good balance of indulging my musical passion and endeavors with keeping a 9-to-5 style job. This balance, unfortunately, did not exist. Far too much of my time and energy went into the job.


While I'm excited about what's next, it will be bittersweet to move out of Chicago. I've really enjoyed living here, and I've made some wonderful friends. It was great to be around such intelligent, talented, and driven people at Vodori. It was an invaluable experience that shaped my career, and life for the better. To anyone from Vodori that might be reading this, Thank you!

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