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              $green: #B0DE6B
$blue: #76C9DE
$dark-gray: #948F8F
$light-gray: #ddd

  background: $light-gray

  box-sizing: border-box

  display: flex
  flex-wrap: wrap
  width: 740px
  padding: 30px
  margin: 100px auto 0
  background: white
  font-family: sans-serif
  font-size: 19px
  text-align: center

    border-radius: 10px
    user-select: none

  &.dragging *
    cursor: grabbing

  width: 100%
  font-weight: 300
  margin: 1em 0 0

  margin-right: 30px

  width: 240px
  line-height: 38px
  border-radius: 10px
  font-weight: bold
  font-size: 24px
  color: rgba(0,0,0,.2)
  cursor: grab

    margin: 0 0 10px

    background: $green

    background: $blue

  background: $dark-gray
  flex: 1
  padding: 15px

  position: relative
  background: white
  line-height: 50px
  font-weight: 300
  overflow: hidden

    margin: 0 0 10px

    content: ''
    position: absolute
    left: 0
    width: 20px
    height: 100%
    background: $green

    background: $blue

    left: 20px

      display: none

    box-shadow: 0 0 0 3px $dark-gray, 0 0 0 4px $green
      background: $green

    box-shadow: 0 0 0 3px $dark-gray, 0 0 0 4px $blue
      background: $blue

    opacity: .2
    cursor: no-drop

  z-index: 1
  pointer-events: none
  box-shadow: 0 2px 5px rgba(0,0,0,.8)
              {div, p} = React.DOM

DRAG_THRESHOLD = 3 # pixels

document.addEventListener 'DOMContentLoaded', ->
  React.renderComponent Example(), document.body

Example = React.createClass
  getInitialState: ->
    currentDragItem: null

  render: ->
      className: "dnd-example #{'dragging' if @state.currentDragItem}"
      children: [
          onDragStart: @onDragStart
          onDragStop: @onDragStop
          currentDragItem: @state.currentDragItem
          onDrop: @onDrop

  onDragStart: (details) ->
    @setState currentDragItem: details

  onDragStop: ->
    @setState currentDragItem: null

  onDrop: (target) ->
    @setState lastDrop:
      source: @state.currentDragItem
      target: target

  dropDescription: ->
    if drop = @state.lastDrop
        className: 'drop-description'
        children: "Dropped source #{drop.source.type}-#{drop.source.index} on target #{drop.target.index}"

SourceObjects = React.createClass
  render: ->
      className: 'dnd-source-objects'
      children: for object, i in @objects()
          type: object.type
          index: i + 1
          children: i + 1
          onDragStart: @props.onDragStart
          onDragStop: @props.onDragStop

  objects: ->
    _.flatten [
      { type: 'green' } for i in [0..2]
      { type: 'blue' } for i in [0..2]

SourceObject = React.createClass
  render: ->
      className: "dnd-source-object #{@props.type}"
      children: @props.children
      onDragStart: @props.onDragStart
      onDragStop: @props.onDragStop
      dragData: @dragData

  dragData: ->
    type: @props.type
    index: @props.index

Draggable = React.createClass
  getInitialState: ->
    mouseDown: false
    dragging: false

  render: ->
    @transferPropsTo div
      style: @style()
      className: "dnd-draggable #{'dragging' if @state.dragging}"
      children: @props.children
      onMouseDown: @onMouseDown

  style: ->
    if @state.dragging
      position: 'absolute'
      left: @state.left
      top: @state.top

  onMouseDown: (event) ->
    if event.button == LEFT_BUTTON
      pageOffset = @getDOMNode().getBoundingClientRect()
        mouseDown: true
        originX: event.pageX
        originY: event.pageY
        elementX: pageOffset.left
        elementY: pageOffset.top

  onMouseMove: (event) ->
    deltaX = event.pageX - @state.originX
    deltaY = event.pageY - @state.originY
    distance = Math.abs(deltaX) + Math.abs(deltaY)

    if !@state.dragging and distance > DRAG_THRESHOLD
      @setState dragging: true
      @props.onDragStart? @props.dragData?()

    if @state.dragging
        left: @state.elementX + deltaX + document.body.scrollLeft
        top: @state.elementY + deltaY + document.body.scrollTop

  onMouseUp: ->
    if @state.dragging
      @setState dragging: false

  addEvents: ->
    document.addEventListener 'mousemove', @onMouseMove
    document.addEventListener 'mouseup', @onMouseUp

  removeEvents: ->
    document.removeEventListener 'mousemove', @onMouseMove
    document.removeEventListener 'mouseup', @onMouseUp

DropTargets = React.createClass
  render: ->
      className: 'dnd-drop-targets'
      children: for target, i in @targets()
          target: target
          index: i
          currentDragItem: @props.currentDragItem
          onDrop: @props.onDrop

  targets: ->
      { accepts: ['blue'] }
      { accepts: ['green'] }
      { accepts: ['blue', 'green'] }
      { accepts: [] }

DropTarget = React.createClass
  getInitialState: ->
    hover: false

  render: ->
      className: @classes()
      children: 'accepts ' + @acceptsDescription()
      onMouseEnter: => @setState hover: true
      onMouseLeave: => @setState hover: false
      onMouseUp: @onDrop

  classes: ->
      "#{@props.target.accepts.join ' '}"
      'active' if @active()
      'active-green' if @active() and @props.currentDragItem.type == 'green'
      'active-blue' if @active() and @props.currentDragItem.type == 'blue'
      'disabled' if @disabled()
      'hover' if @state.hover
    ].join ' '

  active: ->
    item = @props.currentDragItem
    item and item.type in @props.target.accepts

  disabled: ->
    item = @props.currentDragItem 
    item and item.type not in @props.target.accepts

  acceptsDescription: ->
    if @props.target.accepts.length > 0
      @props.target.accepts.join ' & '

  onDrop: ->
    if @active()
      @props.onDrop? index: @props.index + 1

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