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                <input type="button" value="=" id="equals" class="noDisplay" onclick="equals()">
<!-- Additional Hidden Equals Button for Test Pass (non-functional) -->

<h1 id="heading">Javascript Calculator</h1>
<div class="calculator">
<input type="text" id="display" class="calculator-screen" value="0">

<div class="calculator-keys">
<input type="button" class="operator" value="+" id="add" onclick="pushToScreen('+')">
<!-- Add Button -->

<input type="button" value="-" id="subtract" class="operator" onclick="pushToScreen('-')">
<!-- Subtract Button -->

<input type="button" value="&times;" id="multiply" class="operator" onclick="pushToScreen('*')">
<!-- Multiply Button -->
<input type="button" value="&divide" id="divide" class="operator" onclick="pushToScreen('/')">
<!-- Divide Button -->

 <input type="button" value="7" id="seven" onclick="pushToScreen('7')">
<input type="button" value="8" id="eight" onclick="pushToScreen('8')">
<input type="button" value="9" id="nine" onclick="pushToScreen('9')">
<input type="button" value="4" id="four" onclick="pushToScreen('4')">
<input type="button" value="5" id="five" onclick="pushToScreen('5')">
<input type="button" value="6" id="six" onclick="pushToScreen('6')">
<input type="button" value="1" id="one" onclick="pushToScreen('1')">
<input type="button" value="2" id="two" onclick="pushToScreen('2')">
<input type="button" value="3" id="three" onclick="pushToScreen('3')">
<input type="button" value="0" id="zero" onclick="pushToScreen('0')">
<input type="button" value="." class="decimal" id="decimal" onclick="pushToScreen('.')">
<!-- Decimal Button -->

<input type="button" value="Clear" class="all-clear" id="clear"onclick="pushToScreen('c')">
<!-- Clear Button -->
<input type="button" value="=" id="equalsStyle" class="equal-sign" onclick="equals()">
<!-- Equals Button -->


<h2> here is my calculator!!!</h2>


                html {
  font-size: 62.5%;
  box-sizing: border-box;

h1 {
  font-size: 40px;

h2 {position:absolute;

.noDisplay {display: none !important;}

*, *::before, *::after {
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;
  box-sizing: inherit;

.calculator {
  border: 1px solid #ccc;
  border-radius: 5px;
  position: absolute;
  top: 50%;
  left: 50%;
  transform: translate(-50%, -50%);
  width: 400px;

.calculator-screen {
  width: 100%;
  font-size: 5rem;
  height: 80px;
  border: none;
  background-color: #eaeaea !important;
  color: #fff;
  text-align: right;
  padding-right: 20px;
  padding-left: 10px;


input {
  height: 60px;
  background-color: #fff;
  border-radius: 3px;
  border: 1px solid #c4c4c4;
  background-color: transparent;
  font-size: 2rem;
  color: #333;
  background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom,transparent,transparent 50%,rgba(0,0,0,.04));
  box-shadow: inset 0 0 0 1px rgba(255,255,255,.05), inset 0 1px 0 0 rgba(255,255,255,.45), inset 0 -1px 0 0 rgba(255,255,255,.15), 0 1px 0 0 rgba(255,255,255,.15);
  text-shadow: 0 1px rgba(255,255,255,.4);

input:hover {
  background-color: #eaeaea;
 cursor: pointer;

.operator {
  color: #337cac;

.all-clear {
  background-color: #f0595f;
  border-color: #b0353a;
  color: #fff;

.all-clear:hover {
  background-color: #f17377;

.equal-sign {
  background-color: #2e86c0;
  border-color: #337cac;
  color: #fff;
  height: 100%;
  grid-area: 2 / 4 / 6 / 5;

.equal-sign:hover {
  background-color: #4e9ed4;

.calculator-keys {
  display: grid;
  grid-template-columns: repeat(4, 1fr);
  grid-gap: 20px;
  padding: 20px;


                // I really like you calculator styling, nice work!! And keep going, so close and good luck!

var answer = document.getElementById("display");

var prevKeys = [];// track each key pressed. It's one button event behind what's displayed in the calculator. Do a console.log(prevKeys) to see.

var numberHistory = []; //used to decide if a complete number was created, if this array length is greater than 0, we can add another decimal to the formula. the array is cleared after a decimal is added.

function pushToScreen(x) { 
  var currentKey = x; //new variable named for readability
  var isOperator = /[+\*-/]/g; //regex that's suppose to test for operator keys, but decimal seems to pass as well.
  var prevKeysStr = prevKeys.join('').toString(); //the values in the input are ahead by one event, so we keep an array of keys press and convert to a string so we can use substring() or includes()

  var lastKeyIsOperator = isOperator.test(currentKey); // used to test the last key pressed and see if it's an operator. Decimals still pass for some reason, not sure why.
  var formulaHasOperatorBeforeEnd = isOperator.test(prevKeysStr.substring(prevKeysStr.length -1, prevKeysStr.length)[0]); // test the last key value in our history (not including current key pressed) is an operator, **reminder** decimals seem to pass
  if (isOperator.test(x) && (x !== ".")) { //handle operators here
    numberHistory.push(prevKeysStr); //if an operator was pressed, we add the numbers before it to our array. allowing us to add a decimal again
    //needs more work here to finish up all tests, so close!
    // ultimately you want to allow a negative operator after any one other operator, but replace all operators with the newest operator pressed without allowing duplicate operators back-to-back. One way could be to look at prevKey history and use subtring to remove the last one or two operators and combine with the newest operator/currentKey
    if (formulaHasOperatorBeforeEnd && lastKeyIsOperator && currentKey !== "-") {
      answer.value = prevKeysStr.substring(0, prevKeysStr.length -2) + currentKey;
    } else {
      answer.value = answer.value + currentKey;
  } else if (x === "c") { //handle clearing button here
    answer.value = "0";
    prevKeys = [];
  } else if ((x !== "c") && (x !== ".") && (answer.value === "0")) { //handle first number key pressed after clear
    answer.value = x;
    prevKeys = [];
  } else if (x === ".") { // handle decimal behaviors here
    if (!prevKeysStr.includes(".")) { //if no decimals exist in previous button presses
      answer.value += x;
    } else if ( //if the last item in previous keys is one of the operators and not a decimal
      prevKeysStr.substring(prevKeysStr.length -1, prevKeysStr.length) !== '.' &&
        ( prevKeysStr.substring(prevKeysStr.length -1, prevKeysStr.length) == '+' ||
        prevKeysStr.substring(prevKeysStr.length -1, prevKeysStr.length) == '/' ||
        prevKeysStr.substring(prevKeysStr.length -1, prevKeysStr.length) == '-' ||
        prevKeysStr.substring(prevKeysStr.length -1, prevKeysStr.length) == '*')
    ) {
      answer.value += x;
    } else if ( // if there's a number in our history, added by pressing an operator, and we didn't have a decimal at the end of all previous keys pressed, we can add a decimal again. then we clear the last number from our history
      numberHistory.length > 0 &&
      prevKeysStr.substring(prevKeysStr.length -1, prevKeysStr.length) !== '.'
    ) {
      answer.value += x;
      numberHistory = []; //clear number history
  } else { //normal display updating here
    answer.value += x;
  //updates display input in HTML (not necessary/important)
  answer.setAttribute('value', answer.value);

function equals() {
  numberHistory = []; //clear number history
  x = answer.value;
  x = eval(x);
  answer.value = x;